10 Tips to Get Super Productive Meetings

10 tips to get super productive meetings

Productive meetingThe objective of the company, when convening to working meetings, is to encourage employee productivity of the company. However, many times, this objective is far from being achieved due to failures in the approach or because of the uncertainty of the issue in question. The result is that the meeting, rather than being a driving factor of productivity, becomes a waste of time.


Surveys show that regular attendees to working meetings see them as excessively long and unproductive. However meetings are essential for detecting the work environment and atmosphere, and essential so that productive businesses increase their competitiveness. The key is to make them more effective and efficient by creating strategies to improve the working environment of an enterprise and to know how to get employees more productive.


10 Tips to obtain productive meetings.



Although it may seem obvious, punctuality is a crucial factor in order to manage our work satisfactorily. The punctuality factor must be taken seriously, out of respect for the other employees, and out of respect for our work. Repeated tardiness reduces the effectiveness and adversely affects productivity.


2.- Preparation.

For a meeting to be successful, it must be prepared in advance. Duly inform attendees to come prepared with the necessary information. The meeting must be planned meticulously: Topics covered, assistants, conclusions and actions to be taken will have to be carefully stipulated.


3.- Convene only the people that are really necessary.

The more participants attending, the more the meeting will last. Also those who are not truly indispensable often do more harm than provide solutions.


4.- Establish and follow a plan.

Outline the meeting’s several key points (the ideal number would be 3) and stick to them, entrusting a person to speak and establishing a specific time  for each speaker.


5.-Purpose and reason for the meeting.

The organizers of the meeting must duly inform,at the beginning of the meeting, about the purpose of the meeting and of the topics to be discussed .The meeting must begin immediately, in a flexible and decisive way.


6.- Engage the attendees.

The meeting may become unbalanced if only a few assistants take the initiative, make proposals and participate in the discussion. Each of the attendees is present at the meeting because it is part of the group and must participate actively.


7.- Diagrams, charts and graphs.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. The use of graphics, images and diverse visual aids, will streamline the meetings, help remember important points and represent a considerable savings of written pages and time.


8.- Schedule important but unrelated issues.

Sometimes it may happen that, during the course of the meeting, an issue arises that is not covered in the meeting. Rather than improvise and shift the focus, it is best to call for another meeting to treat it, and continue with the scheduled plan.


9.- Record which actions to take, the persons responsible for them, and dates.

To make the discussion productive, the decisions taken shall be transformed into action. At the end each meeting it is important to state, what actions to take, who is responsible for the same and time to fulfill it.


The meeting must be planned meticulously: the topics covered, diagnostic of the work environment, attendees, conclusions and actions to be taken will have to be carefully stipulated.


10.- Periodically check the effectiveness of the project meetings.

The first meetings are usually less effective because of the novelty. As the project progresses, they should become more effective. Regular meetings are used to measure the level of efficiency and to improve weaknesses.


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