New Managers and the 10 typical mistakes they make.

Definitely, one of the most damaging elements for the existence of a good workplace environment is the existence of “bad bosses”. The bad atmosphere and working environment they create is reflected in the long run on the productivity.

Bad bosses not only thin the workplace atmosphere but also demotivate employees, and that lack of interest has a direct impact on the company. Nobody thinks that leadership is easy. With new managers, being in a more visible position, it is more difficult to maintain a level of excellence of 100%. But the position of leader not only means more power, but above all, greater responsibility.

Anyone can be a bad boss. It depends on oneself to decide if your goal is for the company to increase its productivity through a favorable working environment and have happier employees, or to devote oneself to whipping them instead of rowing with them in the same direction.

Bad managers cause brain drain while conversely, a boss involved and proactive manages to create an ideal working environment for the competitiveness of the company. The bosses must have it very clear that, if due to inadequate and unfair performance with employees, the company does not get the expected returns, they will have many good chances of being fired.

The negative leaders are becoming more repudiated by companies who see them as elements that cause poor performance and create discredit to the company.

These are the 10 most common mistakes of bad new managers:

verbal-abuse-2-3121.-Verbal abuse

It manifests itself in several ways: using sarcastic, disapproving, or accuser tone, not empathizing with the personal problems of workers in charge, or interrupting, ignoring, and humiliating in public or in private.


2.- Reneging on promises

There are managers in certain situations that try to convince their employees with the promise of incentives that never arrive: false promotions, salary increases, etc.


3.-Venting the anger instead of seeking solutions

Indeed, sometimes the leaders must withstand high pressures. But the situation will worsen if, instead of correcting the performance of a subordinate showing them how to improve or learn, the boss downloads all its anger on the employee for the mistakes he or she made, as this will only  increase their nervousness and therefore, their inefficiency.


4.- Ignore a good performance

The lack of personal assessment is one of the main grievances of employees. The arrogance of many heads prevents them to assess the achievements of their employees, as they only find time to berate errors.



The rules and company values affect everyone, including the leaders themselves. A typical case is that of managers who impose rules and procedures to employees which they themselves don’t follow, even though they have established them themselves.


6.-Boycotting the team

Jealousy is a bad companion. Often the boycotting of the work of their subordinates hides a security problem.


7.- Being pessimistic

If the responsible of the business has a pessimistic view, everything is going to hell. It’s impossible to motivate and promote an efficient work environment if the person itself does not believe in it.


8.- Not having a clear objective

Sometimes the high level of concentration in designing or supervising the tasks causes the blurring and shifting of the ultimate goal.


9.- Not knowing what motivates the team

Everyone who is part of the team has needs and specific goals that are its engine and motivation. Knowing these requirements helps to better achieve the common goal.


10.- Being too soft.

As damaging as excessive hardness is not being able to transmit power or demand results from employees.


New managers need, more than anyone else, to receive constant feedback on the job they are doing as leaders. however in many cases, direct reports will be hesitant to tell their bosses when they do something wrong.

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Our weekly, 100% anonymous surveys ensure that you have real-time information about over 60 different indicators.

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