Engaged Employees

10 Ways to Get Engaged Employees

In the workplace, in order to have engaged employees, one of the predominant factors for improving productivity rates and have a better work environment, is promoting ways so that employees feel comfortable and perform their tasks with more zeal and enthusiasm. To ensure that employees are more involved with their work, it’s a good idea to use a series of basic recommendations which are fundamental. Here are some of them:

1- Promote comfortable workplaces:

Look, not only for good ergonomics and postural places, but also suitable areas, good temperature and lighting, and that the work tools are available without much displacement to perform the work.

2- Permanent motivation:

Many employers and bosses think that the mere fact of paying a salary, or financially reward a job, is enough for workers to perform properly. Also important is the verbal motivation that instills, in the team, a sense of connection that allows it, not only to be in tune with the performance of the assigned tasks, but to keep track of the work assigned, and exalt the achievements. All of this results in a good motivation.

3- Create incentive plans:

that, by fulfilling achievements, may have access to certain benefits. These may be of economic nature like bonds or money, or you may create a plan with points to exchange for,  among other things, prizes, free days or public recognition. All of this will depend of course on the nature of the company and obviously will be based on finances too.

4- Ongoing Training:

There’s nothing better for your  employees than the feeling that their work is valued, as they learn more of the same or other related business activities or human development areas. This increases self-esteem and belonging.

5-Recognition of the work:

When an employee is recognized and valued for the work done, he/she will feel committed morally to be more involved in his/her work. The recognition can be done on a billboard posting the best employees, by giving him/her a diploma, or through the corporate website or intranet, among other means.

6- Promotion program:

To consider promoting someone for their achievements, makes that person to feel happy to belong to an organization that highly values the work done.

7-Days of distraction:

To implement, from time to time, integration meetings with the employees, where the values, the sharing and other activities are promoted, allows them to be motivated to perform their work with eagerness.

8- Relaxation:

When the company provides an area for workers to have the possibility to relax the mind, with relaxing couches or music, it becomes a very effective location for active results..

9- Ideas that propose:

Have the employees propose effective changes as to how to carry out their work.This will be beneficial for the company.


10- Delegate:

Is to provide confidence and strength for the employees to take responsibility for certain tasks and make a positive assessment of them when performed satisfactorily.


These are just some ways. But with personal and group ingenuity you can devise other strategies that will result in greater involvement of the  employees in  their work.

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