10 Tips for Dealing With Conflicts Among Team Members

Some of the biggest challenges you may face as a manager are the problems that may exist among the members of your team. The key to resolving any internal tensions starts with the creation of a favorable working environment and the use of communication as an effective tool to solve tensions, thereby improving productivity.

The conflicts that can slow and damage the smooth running of the company are of two types:

  • personal
  • professional

Personal problems can be difficult to approach from the management side, but nevertheless must be treated with care so as not to interfere in the work environment. In times, these problems can spread to other employees and tarnish the good working environment.

Knowing the problem: First step to tackle it

To address the internal problems it is necessary for managers to resort to their leadership, organization, observation and communication skills. Just  by knowing the existence of the problem, they may be able to tackle it. The information can come directly from those affected, their environment or through direct observation of those responsible for the area.

10 keys to identify and address labor disputes


1.- Knowing the problem. As noted above, knowing that there is a problem is the prerequisite to cope with it.

2.- Have good internal communication mechanisms that will allow you to diagnose the working environment and detect the problem with immediacy so as to prevent it from growing larger.

3.-Discover the nature of the problem. To do this, you can arrange a meeting with those involved in the conflict, separately.

4.- Have different versions of the problem. Giving the employees a chance to explain, is an opportunity to solve the problem and may represent an occasion to improve the inner workings of the company and get back to a good working environment.

5.- Create a complete outline of the problem. Possibly the problem results from a poor organization of tasks, misunderstandings, rumors, lies or under-performing of some employees that hurt others. The reasons are many and it is essential to meet with those involved so as to determine the causes and make an assessment of the work-place’s atmosphere.

6.- Summon a “face to face”. The opposing parties can sit down and debate the problem if the causes are of a professional nature, the causes of conflict are clear, and nerves calm. The interested parties can contribute to the solution of the conflict.

7.-Separate the professional aspect from the personal one. If personal problems are mixed with labor-related ones, the problem is compounded. Therefore it is essential to address the conflict as soon as possible in order to increase the chances of solving it satisfactorily and get back to establishing a good working environment.

8.-Solve the problem quickly and fairly. The problems may be more or less severe, but there is always a way to solve them. We must act in an objective and professional manner, facilitating communication and trying to find fair solutions for those involved.

9.-Understand the problem well. To do this we must seek the direct involvement and collaboration of all parties involved.

10.- Learning from mistakes. In any situation, personal or labor-related, it is normal for conflicts and tensions to arise. If there is a good working environment and desire to look forward for the common good, problems can be a chance to get positive results and know what things to avoid.

How are your teams interacting with each other? What do they think of the way you deal with conflict within your company’s culture?

Having a positive organizational climate leads to more engaged employees.

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