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Telecommuting, the Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

Telecommuting, the Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

Working remotely sounds like a dream come true.

Many people dream of working from home. People imagine getting up later and then sitting down at home on a soft couch in their pajamas as they have a pleasant and easy work day.

While this sounds fabulous, the reality of telecommuting is often far more complex. A home based job has both advantages and disadvantages. In many ways, this is an easy way for people to increase their employee happiness.

Working at home can also mean increasing employee engagement that helps people feel more part of the company culture. At the same time, working from home can also have certain disadvantages.

Those who work from home may not be as in tune with their colleagues about their company. They may lack contact with
co-workers and find themselves confronting feelings of isolation that can be hard to get past. Working at home can also make it hard for people to separate the world of work and the world of home life.

Blurring the two may make the employee feel as if they are never off work leading to feelings of burnout and enormous frustration. Making the arrangement work often requires careful attention to detail and determination.

A Relaxing Work Look

working-in-bedThose who work at home often get away from the need for formal dress or the need to work in a uniform. Women who are telecommuting can avoid the need to buy items like stockings that are both costly and fragile.

A woman who works at home can also avoid wearing makeup and high heels. She need not worry that a single stain on her dress will make her look bad all day long. She can also forgo costly hours at the beauty parlor and trying to keep up with the latest styles in order to look fashionable and up to date.

Many men benefit as well as they can discard the tight ties and long pants that can make it hard on them during the warm summer months. Doing so can be freeing for men, allowing them to fully concentrate on the matter in front of them rather than a jacket that does not fit right. Men and women can both also save money on clothing that is soft and comfortable. While formal dress may be required now and then, in general, most people who work from their homes can mostly get avoid such costly and often uncomfortable clothing.

Increased Time At Home

Many people who work from home also find a greater sense of employee happiness because they are no longer spending long hours sitting in traffic. Instead of running out in the morning to catch a train or shove snow of their car, they can simply take a long shower, grab a cup of coffee and wait for their work shift to start.

When they work at home, they can also save money by getting rid of their commuting costs. Many workers find they can now get by with a single car rather than two. They also find it much easier to attend a child’s football game and help them with their homework.

This can help them be more involved in a child’s life. Children have the pleasure of knowing that a parent is home with them when they get home from school. When they are there they can also take time out from work now and then to offer a child supervision and support. Parents can relax knowing that they are there more often for their children and need not worry that the child is off doing something inappropriate.

Some Disadvantages of Working From Home

working-from-home-tiredWhile working at home clearly has major advantages, many people find that it also has certain drawbacks as well.

Someone who works at home may not be there in the office, sharing in the company culture. They may also not be in touch with supervisors directly. Lacking direct, constant contact with company supervisors can make it hard for them to prove their worth and get a vital promotion.

They may be doing wonderful things at work but to those at the company headquarters, they may remain just a name on a card and little else. The worker may also feel as if they have few people to talk to during the day. This can make working at home feel very lonely. They may not get invited to company parties and get left out of celebrations such as a company anniversary.

Those they do stay in touch with may know little about their lives, making it hard for them to forge friendships and create work networks that can help them learn about additional openings and jobs elsewhere that might be suited for their talents and aims. This can lead to a frustrating feel of career stagnation.

Making It All Work

Those who work at home can find many ways to help increase their sense of employee engagement and avoid some of the pitfalls that may happen when they work at home.

  • Setting aside a specific room in the house can help separate work and home life.
  • Putting on more formal clothing can also help people live up their professional responsibilities.
  • A worker may also ask if they can come into work once or twice a week at the office to help them retain connections and stay in touch with important office activities.

Doing so can help them remain more than a name on a page. Many people who work at home also find it helpful to join a few clubs that are related to their interests. Attending meetings can help them stay on top of industry developments and forge important connections at the same time.

Women who work from home may wish to consider networking with other working moms. Doing so can help them discover tips that other women have learned as well as connect with others who may share their concerns. In short, careful attention to detail can help make anyone’s work at home dreams come true.

Is telecommuting right for you? Is it something that would improve your staff’s happiness and engagement?

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Positive Workplace

How to Be More Positive in Our Workplace

In general, happiness depends greatly on how we perceive life and what we focus our attention on.


You can easily be more positive at work


When we are the type of person who sees the glass half full, we are more likely to be happy, as opposed to when we perceive the glass as half empty. The filters or glasses we put on to look at life are one of the most important factors contributing to our emotional state.

That said, we can do conscious exercises that quickly help us change the mood we find ourselves in. We can create habits that will help us focus on gratitude and having a positive outlook in life, which, if perfected, is a task that will give us a life full of happy and fulfilling moments.

Below are some ideas of habits that are highly effective in generating a positive approach and therefore leading to greater gratitude and happiness in our daily lives:


1- Keep a notebook in which you write at least 3 things you are grateful for.

It has been proven that when people take the time out of their busy schedules to be appreciative and thankful for what they have, their level of happiness increases.

2- Take 10 conscious and deep breaths during the day.

Oxygenating the brain and doing conscious breathing helps relax the body and mind, leading to states of greater contemplation and joy.

3- Listen to your favorite tune or melody.

Indeed, music is a great tool to change your mood and has been proven to have therapeutic effects on the brain. Also, instrumental music without any lyrics is a great performance enhancer.

4- Recognize the great work of your colleagues.

Congratulating your coworkers helps create a positive and encouraging ambience for others to do the same with you. When we focus on what we do well, we tend to be happier than when we focus on our failures and those of others.

5- Take philanthropic action.

By feeling useful and meeting your needs to contribute to humanity, you´ll feel like a better human being. Doing volunteer work and being a good Samaritan is another great way to increase your level of happiness.

6- Smile more often.

Multiple studies show that people who smile more frequently often experience greater joy than the ones who only use a smile from time to time.

Just by practicing a few of these habits consistently, you will see your mood transforming into a more relaxed, positive and harmonious state.

When your focus is on the wonderful things out there in life, you will become more aware of the wonderful things that happen to you in your daily life and you will be able to admire the “small” big miracles of life more easily.


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Evaluating Performance Surveys

Evaluating performance surveys

favorable work environment is an essential factor for the proper functioning and the productivity of the company. Work environment and productivity are closely related. Employees who feel that their jobs don’t give them any personal satisfaction, do not receive a fair wage, are overwhelmed with responsibilities or must endure a bad boss, become frustrated and unmotivated, and therefore their effectiveness decreases.

For a company to increase its profitability it requires happy, productive and motivated employees. Although as managers of the company, when we make an assessment in the workplace, we may think that the business prospers, the customers are satisfied and staff turnover is not significant. However the reality may be quite different: workers may not enjoy their work, conditions could be upgraded, there could be the possibility of increased productivity through a supportive work environment, motivation and drive…

What are the three factors that make employees love their jobs?

  • An interesting work.
  • Professional development and personal fulfillment.
  • Working in decent and professional conditions, and in a friendly and favorable work environment.

In order to take the pulse of a company and get to know thoroughly its workplace climate, it is extremely useful to implement regular performance reviews. Thanks to them, you can have a comprehensive and realistic perspective on the actual situation of the company’s most valuable asset: its employees.

Employee surveys, conducted by HR departments allow managers to obtain vital data about the business so that management and employees can establish a constructive dialogue on their respective professional targets, the future development of the company and how to increase productivity.

Using the surveys to review the performance


  • Information.

The information collected will be very useful to review the performance, to shape the training programs for management, to develop the skills of workers and to guide the professional career of each individual.


  • Self Assessment

Each worker must grade their level of job satisfaction and performance. Also, they must assess whether the objectives stipulated at the beginning of the year were achieved and whether these objectives were realistic and achievable.


  • Skill Assessment of the teams and workers

The surveys collect performance management insights and skills of both individual workers and teams.They reveal the differences between self-assessment questionnaires of the workers and of the management. Using this data, we can identify the shortcomings or needs in order to come up with a plan to reach our objectives.


  • Efficiency of the managers

The feedback from employees on their bosses is extremely valuable to unify objectives and improve efficiency.


Requirements of an Effective Performance Review Survey


  • 360º Comments

(Evaluation of multiple sources). To get a comprehensive perspective, the survey must report on the performance of a worker from the perspective of colleagues, peers, subordinates, etc, and not just the manager.


  • Performance of the managers

The feedback from employees about their managers will assess the corporate team and get insights on the business, its public relations and its job performance.


  • Employee satisfaction survey

The staff’s happiness translates into satisfied customers. Any company can test the level of satisfaction of its employees, including retail and online businesses.


3 useful tips for workers to complete the survey without problems

  • Preserve anonymity

  • Providing options for employees to express themselves through open questions and unstructured responses.

  • Informality. Please do not use a corporate technical language, formal or technical, but a relaxed, conversational tone.

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How does feedback improve performance?

The Importance of Feedback


In a company there are many aspects in which personal relationships are fundamental. In order to measure the inner workings of the company and the evaluation of the work environment, we must have feedback  through regular performance evaluations, measurement of the labor and organizational climate, coaching or other evaluation and monitoring processes.


But do we really know the meaning and importance of feedback for achieving job success and increasing productivity of the company?


A good or bad feedback has a direct impact on workers.


It should be made clear that a candidate’s feedback is important to see it’s  weaknesses and strengths. A good feedback serves as a motivational tool and helps in the employee’s growth and the achievement of its career success.


The concept of feedback is very wide and can be applied in many different ways:


  • In educational processes.
  • To assess the individual development of a person.
  • In couple’s relationships.
  • As an instrument for measuring the working environment of a company.


And in general, in any process of personal growth and development or interaction with other people and situations. The feedback is an instrument used to refocus and improve the effectiveness of human relationships.


The feedback is a system of communication between a sender and a receiver. The issuer makes an assessment of the actions of the receiver.


In the workplace, the feedback is a kind of evaluation system. The person who gives it, gives to the recipient, his opinion about the performance of a particular task and the degree of satisfaction that the company has obtained as a result of the task.


So, you can maintain and enhance the strengths of the worker and give guidelines to improve the shortcomings. Thus, feedback becomes an indispensable support tool to improve the interpersonal relationships and performances within the company.



How to achieve a good feedback .


To achieve the desired impact of the feedback on the improvement of the performance,we have to follow a particular technique, always aiming for a good working environment and an improvement of productivity. The feedback can be received by the receiver in either a negative or a positive way, and this will be crucial for the person to implement changes in its attitude and that the feedback has served its purpose.


By doing feedback must focus on two aspects:

  • What do I perceive that the worker lacks in order to achieve its objective?
  • What kind of “relationship” I want to establish with the other person? And what do I hope to get after giving the feedback?


To answer these two questions is necessary to establish a methodology by following these steps:


  1. Knowing what the other person’s objectives are and expose the aspects which in your opinion would improve their effectiveness.
  2. Establish an atmosphere of constructive listening. Feedback talks will be effective only if both parties learn something. Both parties must keep an open mind and be willing to learn.
  3. Ensure that the other person is open to the feedback. If the person is not willing to listen, the whole process will be fruitless.
  4. Specify clearly the aspects over which the feedback will be given and establish a constructive conversation between both parties.


IMPORTANT: The feedback must always be aimed at improving the working environment, so it has to be positive and always with the aim of increasing satisfaction, employee performance and job happiness. A negative feedback is perceived as threatening and intimidating that will adversely affect the company.


If you want to learn more about how to conduct real-time employee surveys without going crazy in the process visit to learn more about our Employee Engagement software, EPIC™



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