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5 Tips to reduce staff turnover

In business today, you must have a concrete plan in your policies, especially for the Department of Human Resources, so as to have a staff as stable as possible and avoid high turnover of personnel, since this is not good for the organization, as this represents an economically significant loss, costs incurred in the selection process, bonding and training, money that can be used in other investments.

So, how can I reduce my company’s employee turnover rate?:

Here are some tips that you can apply from your Human Resources Department that can help you to reduce these high percentages.

1.-Appropriate selection process:

The goal is not to recruit desperately, regardless of the circumstances of time or production that are being presented. When the selection process is done adequately, the staff that arrives is ideal and has the ability to empathize immediately with the policies and requirements of the company and the position. This is a fundamental first step so that the staff turnover is not so widespread.

2.-Propagandize the company:

It is essential that the new employees are aware of both the corporate identity and its mission, vision, principles and strategies, and what you want to achieve with the permanence of new employees. This also creates a collective and individual consciousness with regards to each from their awareness and their ability to give their best while remaining connected to the organization.

3.-Improving conditions:

If you are having a constant rotation, it is good to evaluate all job conditions so that people feel comfortable in the workplace. To name a few, may be reconsidering the jobs, the dining room and common areas, offices, lighting and equipment, the system of wages and compensation so that the employees feel their job is well paid, incentive plans, work achievements and recognition, employee suggestions through a mailbox and

4.-Optimize Teamwork and communication:

This provides an excellent work environment, even if some tasks are the exclusivity of some individuals. Rotation often takes place due to bad work environment and for not being comfortable with their peers and superiors. This includes promoting integration spaces, events, tournaments.

5.-Work leveling:

Create a good inventory of Human Resources in order to level workloads.

It is sometimes better to have two people in a specific work than hiring more staff to do an overload of their activities.

We know that staff turnover and intransigence are not a good sign in terms of finances and stability for the company, therefore, we must have a continuous assessment of these issues for a gradual improvement of these conditions.


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