How does feedback improve performance?

The Importance of Feedback


In a company there are many aspects in which personal relationships are fundamental. In order to measure the inner workings of the company and the evaluation of the work environment, we must have feedback  through regular performance evaluations, measurement of the labor and organizational climate, coaching or other evaluation and monitoring processes.


But do we really know the meaning and importance of feedback for achieving job success and increasing productivity of the company?


A good or bad feedback has a direct impact on workers.


It should be made clear that a candidate’s feedback is important to see it’s  weaknesses and strengths. A good feedback serves as a motivational tool and helps in the employee’s growth and the achievement of its career success.


The concept of feedback is very wide and can be applied in many different ways:


  • In educational processes.
  • To assess the individual development of a person.
  • In couple’s relationships.
  • As an instrument for measuring the working environment of a company.


And in general, in any process of personal growth and development or interaction with other people and situations. The feedback is an instrument used to refocus and improve the effectiveness of human relationships.


The feedback is a system of communication between a sender and a receiver. The issuer makes an assessment of the actions of the receiver.


In the workplace, the feedback is a kind of evaluation system. The person who gives it, gives to the recipient, his opinion about the performance of a particular task and the degree of satisfaction that the company has obtained as a result of the task.


So, you can maintain and enhance the strengths of the worker and give guidelines to improve the shortcomings. Thus, feedback becomes an indispensable support tool to improve the interpersonal relationships and performances within the company.



How to achieve a good feedback .


To achieve the desired impact of the feedback on the improvement of the performance,we have to follow a particular technique, always aiming for a good working environment and an improvement of productivity. The feedback can be received by the receiver in either a negative or a positive way, and this will be crucial for the person to implement changes in its attitude and that the feedback has served its purpose.


By doing feedback must focus on two aspects:

  • What do I perceive that the worker lacks in order to achieve its objective?
  • What kind of “relationship” I want to establish with the other person? And what do I hope to get after giving the feedback?


To answer these two questions is necessary to establish a methodology by following these steps:


  1. Knowing what the other person’s objectives are and expose the aspects which in your opinion would improve their effectiveness.
  2. Establish an atmosphere of constructive listening. Feedback talks will be effective only if both parties learn something. Both parties must keep an open mind and be willing to learn.
  3. Ensure that the other person is open to the feedback. If the person is not willing to listen, the whole process will be fruitless.
  4. Specify clearly the aspects over which the feedback will be given and establish a constructive conversation between both parties.


IMPORTANT: The feedback must always be aimed at improving the working environment, so it has to be positive and always with the aim of increasing satisfaction, employee performance and job happiness. A negative feedback is perceived as threatening and intimidating that will adversely affect the company.


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