Anonymous feedback / Retroalimentacion anonima

Why is Anonymous Feedback better?

To address this issue, let us start with the definition of this concept.

What is anonymous feedback?


We recognize as an Anonymous Feedback the process that provides, to a group of people in the organization or in a specific area, information about the behaviors, attitudes, actions, strategies and styles that are being used and implicate or favor the ideals of communication and the pursuit of a common goal,with the exception that it is done tacitly and not exclusively or in a general manner in order to make a proposition to all people, so that a specific reference to a person or situation is not done and therefore concerns all of the people. This promotes the collective awareness, the decision making, the teamwork, the permanent evaluation and screening with the purpose of improving the situations that come along.

While personal feedback is important because it allows to discern those specific areas where there are shortcomings or even individual abilities, it is considered that the anonymous feedback is better, because it publicizes without disclosing the actor or generator of the event, those circumstances that may be altering certain processes or instead may be favoring them, in order to determine the weaknesses and strengths and make a plan of action to improve any situation.

Moreover, although we know that personal feedback allows the individual to have a better awareness of the events that are being promoted towards improvements to the level of his personality and attitudes, to do so anonymously, empowers everyone in the team to work on tasks that will tend to:

* Identify everywhere contingencies that occur, so that events that are detrimental to the standards and the policies that are set to achieve a common goal, will not be present in the future.

* Keep track of those same circumstances which, though perhaps generated by a person, are multiplied to the whole team so as to have continuous improvement.

* Propose strategies, both from the person who makes the feedback (and knows the actor) and from the team, in order to continue doing continuous work that will allow to progress on the path to the stated objectives, whether at the level of production or in achieving success in the work area or in the company.

It is a good strategy that can be implemented by Human Resources in both primary groups, or in performance and evaluation meetings. In the case of failures there will be no blaming, in case of achievements there will be no praise.The goal of Anonymous Feedback is not to favor a particular deed but a common good.


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