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'I needed this 10 years ago!
Having a pulse of your employees is crucial. But it’s hard and horrible to do. Sometimes it’s good feedback and sometimes it’s bad. It’s effort. I want to hear but I don’t want to hear.
EPIC takes care of this process. It asks the questions, delivers me the answers at regular intervals. I feel so much more connected with the staff and I can react faster.
What would my staffing situation look like if I had this 10 years ago?
I think I would have avoided a lot of headaches."
Sandy Connery
Owner, Connectable

"I used to use spreadsheets and paper forms to do annual employee satisfaction surveys. It was a pain and only gave us a once a year snapshot of our employee feedback. Now with clarity wave, I’m able to actually keep my pulse on the culture on satisfaction of my team on an ongoing basis. It took a little time and effort to get all the employees on board, trained and using the system, but once we did the system became very easy and valuable to use."

Chris Yates
President, Vision Group Management

I’m a big fan of Clarity Wave. People spend 40+ hours/week at their job and if those hours can be happier, people will be more productive and companies will add more to their bottom line. We try to track everything else in a company to maximize productivity and output, why wouldn’t we do it with our greatest resource? 

People. Clarity Wave. Must have.
Amy Kauffman
Founder, GIVILY

"Clarity Wave is definitely a must have in any human resource department’s tool kit small or large. 

Even though I am a small business I definitely see the overall value and ROI in investing in a great software product as this to stay abreast of my employees morale and issues that they have. I was pleasantly surprised by receiving a phone call from one of the owners after sending an email about some additional feature I was looking for. Overall, a great piece of software with very impressive customer service."
Kevin Sitek
Founder, Lillie's Pad
“I am thrilled to say that it has given me an increase of awareness of my emotions (daily mood check) and become more self-conscious on how it impacts my daily work and relationship with my colleagues. I was also very keen in knowing what the others think about me and their perception of me towards the 7 EPIC dimensions (Credibility, Respect, Equality, Identity, Fellowship, Personal Performance, and Commitment). 
I take the monthly results by heart, especially when the index trend for each dimensions take a dip – I think of what had happened and how it came to being. A context of explanations/descriptions for each dimension would help. 
I wanted to have an in-depth understanding as to what were those unsatisfactory result percentage of 6.6% and 2.4% and further improving the OK percentage of 16.9%. Showing me the statement from the weekly Survey that I got an unsatisfactory result would help in this case. I think rewarding us for using the app, for a job well done and for providing confidential feedback to our colleagues, is a great way of building what we have always worked on… our “Company Culture & Values”. 
But I think for me it goes well beyond that. Acceptance, Camaraderie, Feeling of Involvement and Adding Value, Feeling of Belongingness, and the willingness of everyone to really get to know each other… I am so proud of You, Omar and Manolia for being who you all are… For being HUMAN and a LEADER. For making an effort in getting to know your employees better."
Yoshitaka Takahashi
Performance Development Specialist CCM Consultancy

This tool is like no other I have ever seen. It is designed to capture the mood in our company at regular intervals or when something potentially significant happens.

It takes everyone minutes to tap a few sliders or smiley faces and the tool reports the consolidated feelings of the team. It is gamified and anonymous so we are getting unprecedented engagement from the staff.
Now I can find out how our employees REALLY feel about our company’s future, their job, their supervisor, their team mates, our new strategy or various initiatives, even the quality of the food in the canteen.
Try it – you will be amazed!
Patricia O'Sullivan

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