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Is the employee involvement synonymous with job satisfaction?

Let’s take an example:

We have a great team, a great leader who coordinates the process and continually motivates its employees and values their results, optimal working conditions, that make you want to work and a company that is constantly giving good incentives and worker benefits that allow you to be satisfied. This results inevitably in excellent results for the company because the employee feels identified, happy and involved in his work and strives to do so.

If you were in this case, does this represent for you job satisfaction?

This is where we wonder if these two concepts are synonymous. In practice they are, since it is not appropriate to think I can perform my job well and have the motivation to do it the best way and not be satisfied. We cannot separate one concept from the other as they are tied; satisfaction equals involvement.

It is also likely that situations may arise in which I do my work very well but only to receive a good financial reward, or to achieve a particular monetary objective, but unfortunately this stops to be called involvement. Why? Because when we are really involved as employees, we give our utmost, not only for obtaining personal results, but also in search of the key objectives that the company seeks.

This is where we think that both our satisfaction and the feeling of being involved, represents a comprehensiveness, that concerns all areas of personality, together with the policies and objectives of the organization. A clear example of this is seen in companies like Google, where workers are so much involved that it results in a state of permanent innovation. The creative factor is a key asset in this company, which never gets tired of designing strategies so that its employees remain satisfied and involved with their work.

Is it the responsibility of the company that involvement and job satisfaction be synonymous?

Largely yes, but also the personal contribution is essential. If the company provides all the means, but the attitude of its employees is far from what the plotted objectives and the goal of the company were, then we do not find job satisfaction, and the people are undermining the good name of the company. This is why ClarityWave, an enterprise created to help you look at the degree of satisfaction of your employees, offers your company a complete package of options to determine the degree of satisfaction and involvement of your employees and what to do about how to make good decisions to help improve your productivity, and that of your employees, reducing the permanent rotation which represents large sums. We are looking forward to serving you.

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