Employee Survey and The Account That Refused to Die

How Our Employee Survey Lives on Despite the Company’s Efforts to Kill It

One year ago we landed a “trophy account”. One of those that look great on a resume.
Although we won’t reveal their identity, let’s just say that it’s a famous worldwide brand.

When we originally presented our EPIC™ software to the CEO, he fell in love with it.
He knew that employees wanted to be heard, loved our gamified approach and metrics and championed our cause.

He immediately got his entire HR team on board and we rolled out our program without a hitch.

71% participationEveryone was crazy about answering our weekly employee surveys. They immediately saw that the company was doing something to change its culture and participation went up as high as 71%!

If you’ve ever done a voluntary survey in the past you’ll know that 71% participation is HUGE.


Crying-screaming-sobbing-guy-gif-first-world-problemsWe Never Saw It Coming…

All was going smoothly until, as luck would have it, the CEO, our champion and biggest fan, resigned and moved to another country!!!

Why, why, WHY!

As expected, everyone in the company panicked and all the new projects were, either be put on standby, or cancelled altogether.

We were part of the first group and we were ordered to shut down our workplace climate measuring software until they could figure out what the Corporate Office would want to do in terms of improving their company culture.

But, we decided to run a little experiment… (after all we had nothing else to lose).

We asked our HR contact in the company if we could keep the service running at no charge to them so that, when the dust settled, they wouldn’t lose the momentum and data and have to start from scratch.

They, of course, agreed…

That was back in January 2015 and, at the time of this writing “the dust hasn’t settled” yet.

They still haven’t hired us back, claiming that Corporate is still coming up with its own HR surveys.

But, here’s the thing: we haven’t turned off their access to our software and the results will blow your mind!

20% engagementIn October, the percentage of participation for this account clocked in at a little under 20%.

That’s right… 20% participation for a service that technically doesn’t exist anymore!


Keep in mind the following:

  1. No one at the company is promoting our software or asking them to continue answering the weekly surveys.
  2. All our printed, video and support materials were taken down 11 months ago.
  3. The client never launched their EPIC Prize Store™, which means that employees are still accruing points week after week but they have nowhere to spend them!
  4. No one in the HR department is doing anything with all the data that is being gathered.
  5. And yet, every week over 400 questions are still being answered.

Mind blown

Mind: Blown!

If an opinion is given in the middle of the forest and no one is around to listen, does it still help?

Apparently the answer is YES! And the proof is in the pudding.

20% of the team members continue to voice their opinions and score their peers, bosses, subordinates and the company every single week.

Are they seeing any positive changes as a result of the employee surveys?

Who knows?

Maybe it’s a placebo effect.

Or maybe it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps the simple act of participating in what they believe to be a company-sponsored initiative, is driving their own behavior towards a positive change.

If you want to learn more about how to conduct real-time employee surveys without going crazy in the process visit ClarityWave.com to learn more about our Employee Engagement software, EPIC™


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