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Why you and your employees are responsible for happiness at work?

Poets, philosophers and artists throughout history have sought to give a definition to the term “happiness”. In short we can say that “it is the state of the person that occurs when it has reached a goal it has set.”

Carita feliz - Happy face. Felicidad en el trabajo

Happiness at work

“Happiness at work” is not just a happy face

If we take the term “happiness” at the  workplace, it entails the successful completion of all the elements and concepts so that we are satisfied with our work. But it would be a good idea if we were to analyze carefully the following points:

  • Although there may be many external factors influencing that there exists a good atmosphere and that the  employees live happily within the company, neither the  excess of amenities nor other facilities will yield happiness. This is something that comes from everyone, you and your employees, with conviction, with courage and determination.
  • Although the term happiness refers to our attitude after obtaining a result, true happiness resides is not in the destination but in the journey. Therefore,in order to feel happy, we should not expect to get what we want, because our attitude begins now at this time.
  • It is necessary for the company to provide a valuable part of the system, so that its employees are happy, but if there are any adverse social or personal situations that may affect happiness, then at this point the responsibility as a company stops. The employees must also have mechanisms to cope with the situation with courage and move forward without affecting their work.The company can only be a source of companionship.

The main asset of the company is the Human  Talent. A beautiful infrastructure, a proper corporate image and the enactment of values, become channels for help, but you are as responsible for so much happiness at work as are your employees.This is because the  infrastructure, the image and the policies, are the  elements that provide the characteristics of the system. Because everyone has in its insides the flame of happiness, this fire is kindled  at every moment, in every adverse situation that can be converted into strength, and on every aspect of our lives.


Let’s recall that much of our existence, is dedicated precisely to the company which has become our second home. Why not make our second home a happy place? It starts with you and your work group, and will be possible with a change of attitude and openness to innovation and an enjoyment of the little moments that life brings.


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