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Why do we fear feedback? (and what to do about it)

We are working an the company. We receive a call or we get an email asking  us to come to the boss’ office in order to give him some feedback. Our forehead begins to sweat and a hole in the stomach runs inside us while we walk slowly trying to calm down, because we fear terribly the place we are going to. Why?

Feedback’s bad reputation

We have formed in our minds the idea that, to give feedback, is equal to a letter of dismissal and all our paranoid syndromes start to take effect in our mind. This is a false image that has been given to the companies, about these processes that, what they really want to do, is to confront those weaknesses, deficiencies and/or attitudes that may be affecting certain processes, in order to find solutions, implement and track corrective actions. That’s the fear we feel about feedback: that it will be followed by a sanction, a suspension or worse yet, a pink slip.

It’s not not easy, because really no one likes to receive a warning or a slap on the wrist. However, it is part of our overconfidence, where we believe that we are doing  everything well and there is no room for failure. When we receive feedback, the whole world collapses around us!

However, we can change that awful mentality, set against a process that has been created precisely in order that employees gain an awareness of their work, their temperament, their behavior or ways of interacting. Feedback creates a reason to perform an honest self-assessment that may lead to substantial improvements in productivity and personal fulfillment.

This then leads to an increase in personal skills, after identifying the reasons which led to feedback. It also allows for a continuous improvement in areas of conduct that precisely led to its fulfillment.

How do we Change this Perception?

In order to change the fearful perception towards this valuable tool, it is necessary to consider these aspects:

  • Make it look like an opportunity for improvement, but not as a punishment. The company should focus its efforts on training those who perform this feedback, as a support or guide that allows for  better interaction, so that they see it as a friendly encounter. The person should know which are the objectives to be achieved and which are the assertive words that will allow the employee to be more effective.
  • Find in the employee, not someone whom to censure, but find in it, someone that will determine with its contribution for a good continuity.This will  form a link with what will happen after the feedback is given.

It’s good to know what your employees think about this procedure, frightening  for many. Our company ClarityWave™  has a powerful tool that will help you make a diagnosis so as to make this process friendly and rewarding for your employees and your business. Give us the opportunity to assist you  and provide you with the answers to all your requirements in order for your staff to be contented.

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