How to deal with a bad employee?

How to work with an employee who doesn’t perform as expected?

boss scolds her disinterested employeeSometimes we find that a worker does not work as was expected of him. However, you can convert such employees in highly productive ones if the causes of low productivity are examined and solutions to the problem are set. Very often low productivity is directly related to poor or inadequate working environment.


How to deal with a bad employee and have more productive ones.


Many companies do not have clear leadership in their HR systems to ensure equality and the rights of their workers. However for many others the growth policy is based on the human factor.

It is not unusual that the work of some workers doesn’t meet the expectations of their bosses, co-workers or customers. Competition among workers seeking a promotion or recognition of merit can be fierce, but there are always employees that are inefficient and delay the  productivity.

The organizational climate and teamwork are essential for the smooth running of the company, therefore if management notices that an employee “doesn’t perform according to expectations” it has to tackle the issue from the root for the common good and the future of the company. The solution is not to dismiss the worker and substitute it for another, because this  generates further expenses for the company.

The inefficiency of a worker often is not a problem of its inadequacy, but of a bad work environment that prevents employees from carrying out their work properly.


Detecting the causes of the problem.

When you notice that a job is often poorly executed by a worker, it’s time to have a talk and identify the root cause and take appropriate action.

These measures should always be taken after doing a diagnosis of the working environment and of the staff:

  • Knowing if the employee has personal or professional problems.
  • If they have difficulty adapting to the environment.
  • If they don’t have adequate training.
  • If their bosses and superiors are not able to recognize their abilities and attitudes towards work, and are wasting their potential in an unsuitable environment.

Workers are usually located in the business according to their skills. But often we have the case of workers who have  been working a long time in the company and are doing work below their capacity or not according to their abilities.

Therefore, we can ask ourselves:

  • Are we providing the workers with the necessary tools to perform their jobs?
  • Do they perform a job that matches their skills?
  • Is the work environment appropriate?
  • Does the work unit have a properly organized structure?
  • Is the company optimally exploiting the potential of the worker?

When an employee performs less than expected, we must review the results generated by the team:

  • We must have a quality control showing the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the employees
  • We must identify work procedures so as to implement the necessary changes in order to transform them into highly productive
  • We must set systemic modes of assessment in order to establish the strengths and weaknesses of each employee.
  • We must adapt each worker to the culture and organizational climate of the company

Personal recognition systems work as motivators that result in productivity. Some of these systems could be:

  • To seek to create an appropriate working environment in which workers feel valued and recognized
  • To create scholarships and grants based on the results
  • Specific training inside and outside the region or workplace
  • Public recognitions, awards, bonuses, etc.

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