Two Prestigious 2017 Survey Software Awards Now Belong to EPIC

Expert recognition is the key factor and logical precursor of the success of every developing system, and often the decisive criteria for busy business owners when deciding which product is cut for their needs. Here at EPIC, we like to think of our system is an ever-developing product, where both expert opinion and customer satisfaction produce vital cues on how service can be further improved.

This is why we are so happy to announce that EPIC is now featured on one of the currently most popular B2B software directories, where it got an admirable expert score, and it won two popular awards: The Great User Experience Award and the 2017 Rising Star Award for top survey software.

The experienced B2B professionals observe closely the features of each app appearing in their directory, and evaluate its capacity to meet specific business needs and expectations. In the case of EPIC, they concluded users get just the intuitive and friendly working environment needed to simplify employee feedback collection, and a suite packed with advanced features offered at a reasonable price. EPIC was also listed among the leading survey software systems recommended by FinancesOnlne’s experts.

According to the experts, EPIC brings together all features needed to improve the employee-employer relationship, increase productivity, and enhance worker-customer engagement. They were particularly pleased with our easy micro surveys that take less than five minutes to accomplish, and can be administered independently and on a weekly basis. What this means is that EPIC, unlike traditional survey software, is useful to every department, and perfectly able to help companies receive honest feedback, and eliminate bottlenecks that affect the productivity of their teams.

Schedule a demo with us today and see for yourself why FinancesOnline gave us such a glowing review!

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