Mal clima organizacional: Empleados Callados

Workplace Climate  – Why employees don’t tell what they think?

Harmony in the workplace is one of the most important factors in order to improve the organizational climate issues, because, in an enterprise we find that it’s not only important to just generate a profit based on work, but we often depend on the integration and communication of the employees within the organization. That is why effective communication becomes a very important element for conflict resolution and sound decision-making. This communication also means that employees can express themselves freely. Here are some reasons why the employees do not communicate and what can be done to fix it.

  1. Fear

This is perhaps the first and foremost cause of a quarrelsome  and strained organizational climate. It has various origins such as fear of rejection, fear of acceptance of your opinions or simply shyness.

2. Lack of identity

When employees do not have a clear identity, they care little or nothing about making suggestions. They are not interested to express their ideas towards enhancing the workplace and usually they  are those who just come to work to do what’s asked of them and collect their check.

When employees do not have a clear identity, they care little or nothing about making suggestions. They are not interested to express their ideas towards enhancing the workplace and usually they  are the type of employee who just comes to work to do what’s asked of him and collects his check.


When the work environment and the  organizational climate are tense and conflicting, especially among the same colleagues, bosses, superiors or outsiders, then the employees prefer to enclose and encapsulate themselves so as to avoid creating more problems for themselves.

4. A poor attitude

Mediocrity also generates silence, since this attitude results in the person accepting  everything as it is established and not having a critical and proactive attitude.

5. Low self-esteem

This is another sign by which, people believe that their words and their actions have no value to others.

What can we do in order to improve the workplace atmosphere?

  1. Generate more spaces where employees can share their opinions, such as creating regular meetings with established groups, and providing suggestion boxes, electronic channels or complete systems for the assessment of the business climate.
  2. Improve corporate identity and  infuse more institutional values, in order to enable the employee to feel as an active part of the organization.
  3. Create or establish a Committee for Coexistence where discord cases can be brought and  where concrete answers to all kinds of internal conflict solutions can be found.
  4. Link with spaces where people feel more at ease, outside even their own work; make agreements with institutions where they can instruct them in the arts, music or other areas, so the employees will feel the need to do more and give more and therefore gradually leave aside their mediocrity.
  5. Conduct training sessions where they are taught the power of speech, self-acceptance and how valuable it is to express your feelings and emotions, all focused on self-esteem and on expressing your thoughts.



These are just some possible reasons why employees do not speak off their minds. There may be others in  your organization and if you want a more thorough diagnosis ClarityWave, our company, offers an excellent service where you can identify and evaluate all these flaws that may exist. Simply contact us and we will give you a timely response to your requirements.

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