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Harness the power of ClarityWave’s platform to gather actionable insights that build a predictable model for increasing employee engagement, retention and loyalty in real time
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Clarity Wave is a top-rated Employee Engagement Software


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“We’ve been trying Clarity Wave for a little over a month and right away I can see changes in the overall culture.”



“We have had a lot of adoption in our company. The price and model are pretty amazing. Its also really neat to see how the company and peers evaluate each other.”



“We’ve seen a tremendous improvement in our company culture since we hired Clarity Wave. Our employee turnover has also dropped because people are more satisfied working in a company that really cares about them.”



“Clarity Wave is very intuitive. Because it’s gamified it allows employees to interact in a fun way. “

CLARITY WAVE is the leading employee engagement software for companies that care about their employees and their culture. 

Clarity Wave can help you to:

  • Gather anonymous feedback
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve the working environment
  • Motivate employees to promote productivity
  • Promote peer-to-peer recognition
  • Decrease staff turnover and absenteeism
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Clarity Wave is a fun, powerful and effective way to discover the needs of our staff. With this tool we can truly focus our resources on the issues that have the biggest impact in the employee retention and productivity. At first I though my staff wouldn’t get into it but they did and they love it
Jaime Waisser
Jaime Waisser
Director, Häagen-Dazs
After implementing Clarity Wave at we increased employee engagement and satisfaction rate overall. Clarity Wave gives our staff a place to provide feedback and be rewarded for it. We’re thrilled with the program and the service they provide
david gass
David Gass
CEO, Anderson Advisors
I’m a big fan of Clarity Wave. People spend 40+ hours/week at their job and if those hours can be happier, people will be more productive and companies will add more to their bottom line. We try to track everything else in a company to maximize productivity and output, why wouldn’t we do it with our greatest resource? People. Clarity Wave. Must have.
Amy Kaufmann
Amy Kauffman
Founder, Givily

Use Clarity Wave to boost retention, productivity, and employee satisfaction

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