Clarity Wave



Real time insights into the everyday workplace atmosphere for business owners, executives, managers, supervisors, and team leaders


Clarity Wave is Employee Engagement software that gives you the tools and insights to create a workplace culture that encourages engagement, loyalty, and trust.

Looking for better ways to engage your workforce? Are carrots and sticks failing to motivate your people? Clarity Wave is the perfect tool to increase workplace performance for the long haul and help your staff succeed.



Use anonymous surveys to gather real-time insights on what is happening within your organization and with individual employees.​

Increase Your Bottom Line

Increase or maintain high job performance with a satisfied and engaged workforce.

Help Your Staff Succeed

Give employees powerful, personalized data to help them flourish and improve their performance and relationships with coworkers.

Retain Key Performers

Identify, recognize, empower, reward, and retain high-performing employees who will commit to the long haul.

Take Quick Actions

Monitor the overall daily mood of your business to understand how your actions affect employees.

Create a Happier Workplace

Promote an atmosphere of positivity that spreads throughout your company.

Become a Better Leader

Evaluate your own management style and discover what you can improve to make positive changes.

Send Recognition


Clarity Wave collects and analyzes employee feedback that can help you drive your businesses forward.

  • Daily Pulse (continuous monitoring with real-time data on employee moods and workplace climate)
  • Feedback (company questions, individual employee questions, customized questions, and user comments)
  • Reports (statistics and trends, personalized insights)
  • Rewards (peer-to-peer recognition, self-managed rewards store)
  • Communication (private feedback, suggestions and ideas, share results)

I used to use spreadsheets and paper forms to do annual employee satisfaction surveys. It was a pain and only gave us a once a year snapshot of our employee feedback. Now with clarity wave, I’m able to keep my thumb on the pulse of my team's satisfaction on an ongoing basis. It took a little time and effort to get all the employees on board, trained, and using the system, but once we did the system became very easy and valuable to use

Chris Yates (President, Vision Group Management)

I’m a big fan of Clarity Wave. People spend 40+ hours/week at their job. If those hours can be happier, people will be more productive and companies will add more to their bottom line. We try to track everything else in a company to maximize productivity and output, why wouldn’t we do it with our greatest resource—people? Clarity Wave. Must have.

Amy Kauffman (Founder, GIVILY)

It takes everyone minutes to tap a few sliders or smiley faces and the tool reports the consolidated feelings of the team. It is gamified and anonymous so we are getting unprecedented engagement from the staff. Now I can find out how our employees REALLY feel about our company’s future, their job, their supervisor, their team mates, our new strategy or various initiatives, even the quality of the food in the canteen. Try it – you will be amazed!

Patricia O'Sullivan (CEO, XPERTISE)


Clarity Wave is free to try for 14 days (no credit card required).