Why Employees Should Understand and Share the Vision of the Company

Every business has a vision as well as a mission and objectives, but the vision has an important role that, in most cases, not even the employees know about it. Why is it important for all employees to understand and share the vision of the company?

The importance of sharing the vision of the company

Telescopio Company Vision ConceptPrecisely we have created this space in order to discuss the importance of employees having the knowledge of the vision,and of the power that comes from sharing it. Let us recall that the vision is the projection that the company has at medium or long term in what it wants to achieve; the vision is the "what we want to become," pointing to a desirable goal to be achieved in a period of time.

When employees don't know the vision of the company, all their labor potential focuses solely on personal fulfillment, ie, the achievement of their own ideals; working towards their own benefit and living day to day, probably because their efforts are rooted only in economic rewards and not as part of the benefit that the company can get.

So, we find two very important elements:

* Motivation:

It's the task of the company and particularly of the Department of Human Resources, to present the vision of the company when the candidates are in the completion of the selection process. This creates an identity, then a motivation that allows them to look "together towards the same goal".

* Productivity:

Is the result of the above, since with sufficient motivation the employee refines his work in order to perform optimized work looking for the company's vision without neglecting his own. Therefore, this represents great benefits for the company.

Thus, we find that employees do not work blindly, like orphans, but have a fundamental tool that allows them to trace a particular objective, which added to the group's objective that forms the company, allows them to reach the desired port. But it is not only taking them separately, but of promoting a culture where everyone is able to disseminate and propagate the vision and is encouraged to share it with the rest of the team, their own area or department or even other areas, so that they are fully aware of the vision and what the company is really looking for, so that all that synergy will result in obtaining the planned goal.

Sometimes we know that some employees show little interest for this and perhaps see it only as a very nice set of words hung on the walls of the company (it is also important that the company has a very well thought out, strong and viable vision and not ethereal stuff) but when we understand the importance that they know of the vision, we'll know that everyone is looking at the same point.

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