How Clarity Wave Works

Clarity Wave is a cloud-based software system that provides unique insights using true 360 ̊ employee surveys.
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At first glance, Clarity Wave is a survey and feedback software.

Like other employee engagement solutions, Clarity Wave allows team members to evaluate the company on a multitude of metrics.

And then we "crank it up to eleven"…

Unlike any other software, Clarity Wave uses a bottom-up approach in which every team member has their own personal page that allows them to evaluate their co-workers and, in turn, receive anonymous feedback like never before.

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Send out weekly micro-surveys: 7 professionally designed, scale-style questions. Additionally, you can add 3 custom questions that you can easily create to fit your company’s specific needs and culture.

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Let your employees know that their voice is heard and that their opinion counts.

Clarity Wave creates an organic, dynamic, and fun way for people to interact with each other within the company. Every employee can give feedback to anyone in the organization.


Reward the participation of your team members through a self-managed prize store that fits every budget and organizational needs.

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daily company mood


Easily see the overall mood of your business by tracking the happiness levels of your teams and seeing how they perceive the overall climate of the organization.


Find out if your employees are happy, and what you can do to improve.

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Empower your employees to learn and grow, and give them the tools to track their progress over time.


Is the system anonymous?​

Yes! 100% anonymous.

We only reveal the scores of a dimension after a certain number of answers have been accumulated, thus not allowing for users to guess who scored them. People know "what" was said but not "who" said it.

This allows all team members to really express what is on their mind without fear of any retribution.

Do you offer professional consultation and coaching?

We have partnered up with professional HR consultants all over the world who use Clarity Wave as their diagnostic system for every client they work with.

You can get more information here

Why are the employee surveys weekly? Don't team members get tired?

On the contrary! Because each week the employee survey questions are different AND because the questions are about people they work with*, team members look forward to answering the surveys.

Besides, by answering weekly surveys, there's a feeling of constant growth and improvement that permeates the whole corporate culture.

Does Clarity Wave gather information about company only?

Our surveys gather data, not only about your company, but also about each employee, allowing you to identify any potential red flags and see powerful individual analysis on how your team members perceive each other within the organization.

How long does it take to answer each employee survey?

Each micro survey is only 7 to 10 questions long and users don't need to write anything, unless they want to. So all it takes is between 2 and 5 minutes.

Is Clarity Wave only in English?


Clarity Wave is 100% bilingual.

All our questions, videos, PDF's and customer service are in English and Spanish.

Is Clarity Wave for every kind of business?


Really… it's not.

As powerful as it is, Clarity Wave is not a magic wand that will fill your business with rainbows and unicorns.

Clarity Wave works best for companies that are already working consciously toward improving their organizational climate.

We help you measure and pinpoint areas of opportunity, but you have to be willing to take action with the results that we uncover.

Can team members answer the employee surveys on their phones?

Absolutely! Clarity Wave is fully responsive and designed to be used on the go. Just don't use it while driving.

How much extra work will implementing Clarity Wave mean for me?

In simple terms:

We do 99% of the work and you do the other 1%.

We work closely with you to set up the system in a way that runs pretty much automatically.

All you have to do is upload your employee database and we take care of the rest.

Once Clarity Wave is up and running we will help you set up the prize store which you will be able to manage with minimum time and effort.

Managing the system is also extremely easy and intuitive. We offer online support, on-screen step-by-step tutorials and live help any time you need it.

Is Clarity Wave easy to use?

Yes! With Clarity Wave, there is no information overload. You won't need to hire a full time person just to learn how Clarity Wave works, and teach others how to use it.

How is Clarity Wave better than other workplace climate software?​

When we designed Clarity Wave we wanted to create a system that we would like to use in our own company. It had to have several characteristics that we simply could not find in a single program out there, so we developed our own:

  • Weekly employee surveys which create a habit of growth
  • Preset and Custom Questions – which give you more options to gather the right information
  • Gamified – which keeps team members excited
  • 360 ̊ surveys – which help everyone grow
  • Personal questions – which give tons of value to everyone in your company
  • Real-time data – which is just plain awesome
  • 100% anonymous surveys – which makes is safe
  • Fun to use – which is the opposite of boring

Do we have to sign up for the whole year?


Although we offer discounts for clients who pay for the whole year in advance, we do not force you to sign a yearly contract.

Most of our competitors tie you up in a contract. We would rather work super hard to earn your business every month.

How does the Prize Store work? Do we have to pay for employee recognition prizes?

Because we have clients all over the world, we have found that the easiest way to manage the store is by providing our customers with a pre-loaded catalog of generic prizes.

However, you have complete freedom to add, remove, edit, activate or deactivate your own prizes. We even provide you with a great calculator tool that allows you to set the value of the points earned throughout Clarity Wave to meet your own budget.

This way, if you have a big budget, you can select more expensive prizes. However, we also provide you with some great prize ideas that are very effective in motivating your staff, yet cost your company almost nothing!

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Employee Engagement

In Five Easy Steps

  • Ask Questions
  • Get Suggestions
  • Recognize
  • Reward
  • View Results
  1. Every day your employees can answer two pulse questions about how they feel and how they perceive the workplace climate.
  2. Every week employees answer 7-10 questions about the company and about their coworkers.
  1. Employees can offer their ideas via an interactive suggestions box, and have the rest of the company vote on their favorite ideas.
  2. The company can show everyone they are listening to what team members want and implement the most popular ideas.
  1. Employees can send private, non-anonymous feedback to anyone in the company.
  2. Employees can publicly recognize their peers by awarding them fun virtual Stickers and reward points.
  1. Fully customizable Prize Store in which every company defines its own budget and rewards.
  2. Employees can trade the earned points for a multitude of attractive prizes and benefits.
  1. Once the minimum number of responses is gathered, employees can view their own scores and learn what they need to pay attention to, and how they can improve.
  2. Admin users can view company data including response rates, company scores, team member data and mood, and climate real-time trends.

No credit card required. Cancel anytime. No strings attached.