About Clarity Wave

Our mission is simple: happier workplaces and happier employees.

Our Values

We’re in the Employee Experience software business, so it’s important we walk the talk in our own company. That’s why we have developed a set of core values and related behaviors that our entire team is aligned around. Not only does it improve our own performance as an organization, it’s a commitment to our customers that we will do what we say, when we say it. You have our word on that.


This is more than just a job to us. It’s a place to thrive.


Our word is our bond. Our line in the sand. But it’s a path not a destination. Continually tested and lived, day by day – moment by moment.


We are more than a group of people who simply happen to work together. We are a team: collaborative, nimble and responsive. Yeah, we rock.


Everybody here wins as we foster personal, professional and financial growth. Going up?


We provide outstanding results by creating happier and more productive workplaces for employees and employers.

Customer Service

We are committed to giving you a WOW experience. Anytime. Every time. Our goal is to be SIMPLY AMAZING. ’nuff said!


Always ahead of the curve, we are constantly brainstorming ways to provide value as we are plugged in to the latest advances in technology, roadmaps and customer feedback.


Our team is amazing.

We know that’s a bold statement. But we can back it up.

Better yet, experience it for yourself. We are committed to delivering a simply amazing experience each and every time.

Robert Moutal

Director of Client Happiness

Daniel Buetler


Alex Moutal

Director of Development and User Experience

Elena Buetler

Director of Marketing

Carlos Robles

Business Development

Jose Fuentes

Business Development

Rodolfo Alvarez

Project Lead

Javier Guignard

Project Lead

Francisco Martínez

Project lead

Carlos Castillo

Client Success Specialist

John Orvin Nobleza

Client Success Specialist

Ambreen Ghazi

Client Success Specialist
  • Multinational Experience

    Our team is multi national, multi cultural and multi functional. This is especially important when dealing with employees from different backgrounds around the world.

  • Invested in Your Success

    We don't just sell you a service. We get invested in your company. Our high-touch, white-glove service ensures you are always our top priority. Every step of the way.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Our award-winning team of videographers, producers, designers and engineers is always coming up with new ways to mentor, coach and train your staff resulting in lower employee turnover rates for you.

  • Direct Contact

    We are only ever a phone call or email away. There are no layers to navigate. No hoops to jump through. You and your employees can engage us directly with any question you may have. So what are you waiting for?


Clarity Wave was founded by Robert and Alex Moutal, two brothers looking for a specific type of employee engagement software that would help Alex lower the employee turnover rate at Häagen Dazs.

Problem was, it didn’t exist.

After interviewing more than 100 HR managers, industrial coaches, psychologists, CEO’s and owners of several companies, they realized there was a pressing need for this type of service that extended far beyond the 25 ice cream stores Alex owned. Determined to solve the employee experience issues they uncovered, the brothers recruited the best talent in the industry, built an award-winning team and invented Clarity Wave.

The rest as they say, is history.

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