Clarity Wave Features

Clarity Wave is more than just a survey tool — it’s an automated all-in-one engagement and motivation system for your organization.

Teams that use Clarity Wave are more cohesive and better integrated. They feel more connected to their coworkers and perform better overall. And best of all, because they’re more engaged and happier, they’ll stay with your organization for a long time to come.

Here’s how Clarity Wave makes it happen.

  1. Listen to employees and learn what drives and motivates them.
  2. You get feedback, she gets feedback, he gets feedback, EVERYBODY gets feedback!
  3. Where there’s smoke, there might be fire!
  4. Find human connections in a time of isolation!
  5. You are awesome!

All the tools you need to have high-performing, motivated, and engaged teams.

Employee Engagement and Motivation… Crowdsourced and Automated.

Weekly Surveys

Gather data about your organization and its greatest asset - people - in real time.

Custom Questions

Ask custom questions about whatever matters most to your organization.

Prize Store

Reward your employees with prizes and benefits.

Individual Scores

Help your team members succeed by providing them with powerful data for personal and professional growth

Interactive Ideas & Suggestions

Gather suggesttions and ideas and let your employees be part of the solution process

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Encourage your staff to recognize and reward each other.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Automatically send out congratulatory emails to everyone on your organization.

News, Announcements, and Updates

Post site-wide attention-grabbing banners, news stories and articles and keep everyone informed.

Gamified System

Makes employee engangement fun and watch everyone leveling up, earning Badges, Trophies, Stickers and Points.

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Full List Of Features:

  • Weekly pre-written questions
  • Weekly Custom questions
  • Daily Mood and Climate Pulse Surveys
  • Automated weekly emails and survey reminders
  • Individual scores and statistics
  • Badges, Trophies, Stickers and Points
  • Customizable Prize Store
  • Moderated interactive suggestion box
  • Birthday and Anniversary automated emails
  • Comments section
  • Private feedback
  • Personal and global Activities feed
  • Organization Directory
  • News and Updates section
  • Site-wide banners
  • User-to-user messaging
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Heat Maps
  • Downloadable reports

How Does Clarity Wave Work?

Take a look at a day in the life of an organization.

The following are real examples from users who work at a 200-employee tax law firm in Las Vegas, NV.

This is Erica.

She’s part of the HR team and is also the Clarity Wave system administrator for the company. Erica has access to all the scores and statistics.

  • Erica logs into Clarity Wave and reviews the participation levels of each group.
  • She goes to the Company Statistics section to review all the scores in the different indicators that the system measures.
  • She goes to the Company Statistics section to review all the scores in the different indicators that the system measures.
  • When she gets to the Marketing department, Erica notices the Fitness Index has been trending down. She drills down and discovers that a couple of the metrics have a lower score than the rest.
  • Erica checks other reports and benchmarks and quickly sees that the Marketing department is doing worse than the rest of the company.
  • Erica goes to the Team Members section to look at each individual’s ratings, which she will use to work with them and help them improve and grow.
  • Erica manages the Community to make sure all the viable Suggestions and Comments from the team members are approved and published.
  • She posts a story about the winner of the baking contest in the Announcements and News section.

This is Kelly.

She’s a sales advisor and has been with her company since 2017.

  • Every Monday she receives an email from Clarity Wave with an enriching piece of content and the first question of her weekly survey.
  • She reads the article, and then logs into Clarity Wave, where she answers the Daily Pulse questions.
  • She then answers the weekly survey which includes questions about the organization and her peers, supervisors, and direct reports. The whole process takes her about 3 minutes.
  • Kelly now visits her personal statistics section where she can see how everyone she works with perceives her.
  • She reviews her trends and compares her scores with the averages of the rest of the company.
  • Kelly also checks out all the Badges and Trophies the system has awarded her automatically when her coworkers rate her highly.

This is John.

He’s one of the attorneys working at the law firm, and one of his tasks includes doing regular webinars to explain different tax and business strategies to the firm’s clients.

  • John has just received an email from Clarity Wave letting him know someone in the company has sent him a recognition. He logs in and, indeed, 3 of his coworkers have sent him a virtual Sticker and a congratulatory message.
  • John knows he couldn’t have done his job without the help of his assistant, so he sends her a Sticker along with some points.
  • While in The Community section, John visits the Celebrations section to see who has a birthday today. He sees that Adrian, their new Renewal Advisor, has a birthday today, so John sends him a message and some points.

This is Adrian.

He’s a Renewal Advisor and just joined the company a few days ago.

  • To better understand the lay of the land, he visits the Organization section where he learns about the Mission, Vision, Values, Objectives and other relevant information about the company.
  • He visits the Directory where he can get familiarized with his coworkers and easily see who is who by looking at their picture, title and location.
  • Adrian browses over to the Suggestions section where he votes on some great ideas submitted by his coworkers. While he’s there, he submits an idea of his own that everyone can vote on.

This is Amy.

She works in Marketing and, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been working from home.

  • Amy answers the daily Mood and Climate Pulse survey questions and, when looking at her trend, she notices that her mood levels have been trending up.
  • Amy goes to the Prize Store and trades the points she has earned for a Free Day Off so she can recharge her batteries. This is one of the prizes created by the law firm. 
  • Amy sends messages to everyone in her team and other coworkers, including her friend Erica, from HR.

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