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New Circumstances Require New Thinking

The challenge to attract and retain top talent is ongoing and unavoidable for every company leader. But recent marketplace disruption is forcing new requirements for doing work virtually while the dramatic implications of The Great Resignation wave demands urgent attention.

As you read this, your best people, if not fully engaged and committed to your company, are less productive, questioning their careers, looking at job boards, and taking calls from recruiters. And to make it worse, you are likely being asked to do more work with less people to stay competitive in your market.

You need a new plan. Now.

The Plan For Containing Disruption

The simplest, fastest, and most effective way to assure that you retain your best workers and uplevel their productivity is to support employee engagement.

At Clarity Wave, we have tools and systems that will:

Give employees a voice and keep them informed.
Promote better collaboration and creativity.
Offer employees more opportunities to learn, grow, and develop.
Encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Crowdsourced Engagement

What do we mean by “crowdsourced”?

Unlike other systems where employees give feedback and seldom get any value in return, Clarity Wave focuses on the individual’s growth and satisfaction.

And because everyone receives so much value from the system, they interact in ways that naturally and organically improve the workplace climate, engagement and motivation of your staff.

The result?

A cohesive team that strives to achieve their goals and loves to learn and grow. A team that is so engaged they are likely to stay with the organization for a long time.


As human beings we are driven by these 6 key drivers:


Being informed and updated


Having a purpose, learning and being challenged


Being rewarded and achieve status


Feeling protected and safe


Socializing, contributing, and being part of a community


Feeling acknowledged, heard, valued and treated fairly

IF you address these key drivers correctly you are GUARANTEED to develop highly engaged and motivated teams, automatically!

Put Clarity Wave to Work for You

We address each of these drivers automatically so you can develop highly engaged and motivated teams, GUARANTEED!


Private and Public Messaging Announcements, News and Organization Updates Mission, Vision, Values and Procedures

Growth and development

Peer-to-Peer Feedback Individual Results and Statistics Opportunity and Growth Areas

Recognition and Appreciation

Badges, Trophies, Stickers and Points Prize Store Employees Reward Each Other


Pulse and Mood Surveys Suggestions, Ideas & Comments Real-Time Data

Belonging and Camaraderie

Peer-to-Peer Recognition Private Messaging Birthdays and Special Dates Organization Directory

Justice and Equality

Anonymous 360˚ Surveys Interactive Suggestion Box Public Recognition and Rewards

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No other system gives as much value, not only to the management team, but also to each individual team member.


Yes! 100% anonymous.

We only reveal the scores of a dimension after a certain number of answers have been accumulated, thus not allowing for users to guess who scored them. People know “what” was said but not “who” said it.

This allows all team members to really express what is on their mind without fear of any retribution.

We have partnered up with professional HR consultants all over the world who use Clarity Wave as their diagnostic system for every client they work with.

You can get more information here.

On the contrary! Because each week the employee survey questions are different AND because the questions are about people they work with*, team members look forward to answering the surveys.

Besides, by answering weekly surveys, there’s a feeling of constant growth and improvement that permeates the whole corporate culture.

Each micro survey is only 7 to 10 questions long and users don’t need to write anything, unless they want to. So all it takes is between 2 and 5 minutes.

Our surveys gather data, not only about your company, but also about each employee, allowing you to identify any potential red flags and see powerful individual analysis on how your team members perceive each other within the organization.


Clarity Wave is 100% bilingual.

All our questions, videos, PDF’s and customer service are in English and Spanish.


Really… it’s not. 

As powerful as it is, Clarity Wave is not a magic wand that will fill your business with rainbows and unicorns. 

Clarity Wave works best for companies that are already working consciously toward improving their organizational climate. 

We help you measure and pinpoint areas of opportunity, but you have to be willing to take action with the results that we uncover.


Clarity Wave is fully responsive and designed to be used on the go. Just don’t use it while driving.


With Clarity Wave, there is no information overload. You won’t need to hire a full time person just to learn how Clarity Wave works, and teach others how to use it.

In simple terms:

We do 99% of the work and you do the other 1%.

We work closely with you to set up the system in a way that runs pretty much automatically.

All you have to do is upload your employee database and we take care of the rest.

Once Clarity Wave is up and running we will help you set up the prize store which you will be able to manage with minimum time and effort.

Managing the system is also extremely easy and intuitive. We offer online support, on-screen step-by-step tutorials and live help any time you need it.

When we designed Clarity Wave we wanted to create a system that we would like to use in our own company. It had to have several characteristics that we simply could not find in a single program out there, so we developed our own:

  • Weekly employee surveys which create a habit of growth
  • Preset and Custom Questions – which give you more options to gather the right information
  • Gamified – which keeps team members excited
  • 360 ̊ surveys – which help everyone grow
  • Personal questions – which give tons of value to everyone in your company
  • Real-time data – which is just plain awesome
  • 100% anonymous surveys – which makes is safe
  • Fun to use – which is the opposite of boring


Although we offer discounts for clients who pay for the whole year in advance, we do not force you to sign a yearly contract.

Most of our competitors tie you up in a contract. We would rather work super hard to earn your business every month.

Because we have clients all over the world, we have found that the easiest way to manage the store is by providing our customers with a pre-loaded catalog of generic, easy-to-find prizes.

However, you have complete freedom to add, remove, edit, activate or deactivate your own prizes. We even provide you with a handy calculator tool that allows you to set the value of the points earned throughout Clarity Wave to meet your own budget.

This way, if you have a big budget, you can select more expensive prizes. However, we also provide you with some great prize ideas that are very effective in motivating your staff, yet cost your company almost nothing!

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“We’ve seen a tremendous improvement in our company culture since we hired Clarity Wave. Our employee turnover has also dropped because people are more satisfied working in a company that really cares about them.”

“Clarity Wave is very intuitive. Because it’s gamified it allows employees to interact in a fun way. “

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