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Employee Engagement ROI Calculator​

Employee Engagement ROI Calculator

Interactive Employee Engagement ROI Calculator that can easily show you the real impact of having a disengaged workforce.

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The 8 Point Manager Checklist For Happy Employees

Companies need happy employees to survive and be sustainable; we have not been replaced by drones and computers (yet!).

As a leader or manager, it is important to understand that what you do and how you act can influence and impact your employee happiness and engagement level.

Download this checklist to learn 8 fundamentals Managers need to know to make their Employees Happy!

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What is Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is a person who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, his or her work. In his book, Getting Engaged: The New Workplace Loyalty, author Tim Rutledge explains that truly engaged employees are attracted to, and inspired by, their work (“I want to do this”), committed (“I am dedicated to the success of what I am doing”), and fascinated (“I love what I am doing”). Engaged employees care about the future of the company and are willing to invest the discretionary effort – exceeding duty’s call – to see that the organization succeeds. 

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Is Your Workplace Productive?

A staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. Many companies are experiencing a crisis of employee engagement and aren’t aware of it. It doesn’t have to be this way. The level of employee engagement among Gallup’s best clients is more than 21 times the rate of workforces globally.

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The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis

The world has an employee engagement crisis, with serious and potentially lasting repercussions for the global economy.
Though companies and leaders worldwide recognize the advantages of engaging employees– and many have instituted surveys to measure engagement — employee engagement has barely budged in well over a decade.

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The Employee Experience Is The Future Of Work: 10 HR Trends For 2017

Today, almost every company is undergoing a digital transformation. Cloud and mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and increasing automation have created the potential to transform nearly every aspect of a business. A survey of CEOs conducted by Fortune asked whether they thought their company was a “technology company” and 67% of CEOs said yes.

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Focus on These Three Things to Create Killer Employee Experiences

Let’s be honest with each other. The way we think about work is absolutely broken and outdated. I know what you’re thinking, “what about all of the employee engagement programs out there?” Unfortunately, inside of most organizations around the world, employee engagement has simply become a way to force employees to work in outdated workplace practices while giving them perks to make them happy. It’s a short-term adrenaline shot designed to boost the annual employee engagement scores. Instead organizations are shifting to employee experience, which is the long-term organizational design that creates new workplace practices around people.

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The Employee Experience Index

We are in the midst of a major transformation in the workplace. In the industrial era, the focus was on task-oriented laborers whose primary output came from their hands. In the information age, knowledge embodied in employees became a central component of the economy.

Now we are entering the cognitive era. In this new era, in which machines are able to learn, reason and interact with humans naturally,1 the boundaries between people and technology become blurred.

Rather than diminishing the role of people, in the cognitive era people are at the forefront of working with and realizing the benefits from new technologies to achieve more than was ever possible before. In fact, the cognitive era is just as much the human era. It is a time when work can be a more rewarding experience for employees.

Recognizing that “the battle for the hearts and minds of employees is played out daily through their workplace experiences,” organizations are now reexamining their employees’ experience at work.  

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state global workplace gallup article

State of the Global Workplace 2017 - Gallup

85% of employees worldwide are not engaged or are actively disengaged in their job. Discover what organizations everywhere can do about it.

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State of the American Workplace - Gallup ​

STATE OF THE AMERICAN WORKPLACE presents an unparalleled look into the modern workforce. The report is based on Gallup’s in-depth research and study and was created to help business leaders optimize their attraction, retention, engagement and performance strategies in a time of extraordinary change.

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state american manager gallup report

State of the American Manager - Gallup

The State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders report provides an in-depth look at what characterizes great managers and gives organizations the knowledge to find, hire and develop more great managers using Gallup’s accumulated analytics and advice as their guide

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