Is Your Company Ready for NOM-035?

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In October, NOM-035 entered into effect in Mexico and, starting in 2020, significant penalties will be applied to companies that do not comply with the measurement and prevention of work-related stress.

Is your company ready?

Did you know that it is the obligation of all Mexican companies to identify and analyze psychosocial risk factors?

Latino Man Stressed

According to in the Official Gazette (Diario Oficial de la Federación), companies must identify and analyze psychosocial risk factors and evaluate the organizational environment.

In the last decade, anxiety, stress and depression have become common conditions for workers in different productive branches.

Learn about NOM-035 in 5 minutes

Please see this video (spanish only) to learn about NOM-035.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), estimated that "mental and / or emotional disorders represent 11% of the expenditure devoted to the care of occupational disabilities and expects this proportion to increase to 15% in 2020. He also calculated that Psychosocial risks are the cause of between 50% and 60% of lost work days.

It is estimated that approximately 40% of workers suffer from some type of stress related to their work (SOURCE: International Labor Organization)

According to surveys conducted by experts such as Erika Villavicencio Ayub and Gladys Martínez Santiago, academics of the faculties of Psychology (FP) and Medicine (FM) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in Mexico, 85% of organizations are toxic, do not have a good work-life balance and do not take proper care of their human talent.

Several studies confirm that 75% of Mexicans suffer from work-related stress and Mexico occupies the first place in this condition, above China with 73% and the United States with 59%.

Is this problem something new?

No, the issue of prevention of psychosocial risks at work is not something new. Here is a brief history and background:

In 1984 the International Labor Organization (ILO) identified that psychosocial factors represent one of the greatest occupational risks, compromising the health of people and the productivity of organizations.

That is why since the publication of the Federal Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (RFSST) in 2014, it was established, in article 43, the obligation to identify, prevent and control these psychosocial risk conditions.

However, it wasn't until 2018 that the technical regulation that establishes the elements to comply with the obligations contained in the RFSST was published and that we now know as the official Mexican standard NOM-035-STPS-2018, which is MANDATORY for all work centers located within Mexican territory.

What is my company obligated to?

This regulation presents us with the multiple obligations with which the work centers must comply, grouping them into 9 different categories:

  1. Implement policies for the prevention of psychosocial risk factors.
  2. Establish measures of social support, communication and training for the prevention of psychosocial risks.
  3. Identify workers who have suffered severe traumatic events such as accidents, assaults, instances of violence, kidnappings, or situations where their life or health is compromised.
  4. Inform workers about the possible effects on their health derived from psychosocial factors, as well as the policies, prevention and control measures established by the workplace.
  5. Perform, through surveys of workers, an analysis of the factors that represent psychosocial risks.
  6. Make a survey of information for the evaluation of the organizational environment, in order to establish if it is favorable to the mental health of workers.
  7. Establish actions and control measures on the psychosocial risk factors identified in the workplace.
  8. Practicing medical examinations and psychological evaluations of those workers exposed or who have health effects derived from psychosocial risk factors at work.
  9. And finally keep a documentary record and collection of evidence in relation to each and every one of the obligations mentioned above.

Since when is my company obliged to comply with this regulation?

The obligations listed from 1 to 4 in the above list will be enforceable as of October 2019 in accordance with the entry into force of a year after the publication of the standard and the obligations considered from 5 to 9 will be As of October 2020.

What happens if my company does not comply with NOM-035?

We must consider that the economic sanctions for breach of this ordinance can reach amounts of the order of $ 422,450.00 MXN (5,000 AMU), around $22,000 USD, as in the case of not informing workers about the alterations to health due to exposure to psychosocial risk factors, fine established in article 117 of the RFSST.

Complying with all the requirements of the Standard is painful and can be very expensive. Changing a culture is not always easy, but in order to succeed in doing so, it is important to have high impact tools that are efficient and do not take away much of our valuable time.

Are there tools that can help me identify possible risk elements in my company?

Clarity Wave is a complete system that will help you solve your work-related stress problems from the root. With our new platform, your company will develop a new culture and business climate that will transform the way you think and act in your organization.

With Clarity Wave, companies of all sizes, industries and demographic compositions easily identify the elements of psychosocial risks that are often not immediately apparent.

With powerful weekly micro surveys we analyze more than 70 information data in different metrics such as:

  • Life balance
  • Enablement
  • Learning and development
  • Social connection
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Fellowship
  • Feedback and recognition
  • Satisfaction
  • ...among other

Ask the right questions to all your team members.

Clarity Wave asks specific questions to measure hidden risks before they become a major problem. Some examples of these are:

  • This is a physically safe place to work.
  • This is a psychological and emotionally healthy place to work.
  • How much emotional support do you feel from your classmates?
  • Here they give me the opportunity to take time for when I need it
  • I feel that much of the time I spend at work I enjoy what I do
  • I feel normally happy with my life
  • Our facilities contribute to a good work environment
  • The promotions here go to the people who deserve them the most
  • People here are treated fairly regardless of their beliefs.

Clarity Wave is much more than a measurement system!

Our system not only gives you the necessary tools to comply with the NOM-035-STPS-2018 but will help your company substantially improve the workplace climate.

Clarity Wave is designed as a gamified platform that incorporates game elements to foster a culture of continuous improvement, feedback and recognition.

  • Recognition among team members through Stickers, Badges and Virtual Trophies.
  • A Prize Store where employees can redeem the points they earn for answering the surveys.
  • Individual Scores. In addition to the questions that the system asks about the company, employees also answer questions about their peers, bosses and subordinates, giving them information about themselves that they had never seen before.
  • 100% Spanish-language system with mobile and desktop access.

In addition to complying with NOM-035, what other benefits does Clarity Wave give me?

According to the renowned Gallup study, "State of the American Workplace" the benefits of having a highly engaged workforce are:

  • 20% increase in sales
  • 21% increase in profitability
  • 17% increase in employee productivity
  • 10% increase in customer indicators
  • 40% fewer defects
  • 41% less absenteeism
  • 24% less turnover (in B2C companies)
  • 59% less turnover (in B2B companies)
  • 28% less contraction
  • 70% fewer accidents at work

Click here to make an appointment with us right now and start measuring and reducing psychosocial risk factors in your company.

Clarity Wave is the solution to eradicate stress in your company.

22 Comments so far:

  1. Sandra says:

    Interesante información y que ayudará a dejar el negativismo y reconocer nuestras limitaciones y potencializar las virtudes

  2. RAFAEL M. says:


  3. Veronica says:

    Los negocios pequeños deberán cumplir con esta norma, aún que sean 3 empleados?? Y es negocio de materias primas???

  4. azalia reyes marcial says:

    como puedo obtener ayuda en caso de trabajar para la secretaria de salud , en la cual me siento con un riesgo de daño personal que me esta afectando en mi estado mental lo que le refiero a mi jefa y me ignora , pero ya no quiero seguir asi estoy cansada y desanimada de seguir luchando

    • Robert Moutal says:

      Hola Azalia, gracias por tu pregunta. Sin embargo nosotros no estamos capacitados para darte este tipo de asesoría. Nuestra recomendación sería acudir al departamento de RRHH y exponer tu caso.

    • Juan Carlos says:

      En el diario oficial solo refiere a partir de 16 empleados, no mal informemos a la gente, por que de lo contrario mas del 50% cerrara antes de una sansion de primer mundo para un pais tercermundista, deberia apoyar a las micro empresas por gente floja y mal instruida.

  5. Armando says:

    En esta norma entra el acoso laboral en cuestión a que te obligan a hacer cosas que no van dentro de tu perfil o puesto

  6. EVELING says:


  7. Ma crstina Rosas villagra says:

    En la universidad mexicana que está en Polanco a todo el personal de limpieza sufrimos de maltrato laboral sicológico y sufrimos de discriminación por parte del personal de mantenimiento

    • DIANA says:

      Vivimos en una sociedad en la cual piensan que hacer menos a las personas los va hacer mejor, sin ponerse a pensar que todos tenemos el mismo valor sin importar cuantos estudios tengamos, experiencia laboral etc.
      Una cosa que siempre tengo presente es que todas las personas comienzan de cero, no lo aprendieron todo de la noche a la maña, un día fueron igual que los que apenas entraron , pero la arrogancia es más grande.
      Para mi, aplicar esta norma es algo maravillosamente sorprendente, no estamos solos pero también hay que darle el seguimiento adecuado en los centros de trabajo, no es solo decir que tengo una política, también debo aplicarla,asi como todos los puntos de la norma que deben implementarse, hay otros que entran en vigencia apartir de octubre 2020, darle seguimiento, obtener resultados seguir cosechando frutos.
      No estás sola…

    • Gladys Plata says:

      Puedes acudir a la secretaria del trabajo y revisar dónde puedes meter tu denuncia por hostigamiento

  8. Sergio Antonio Rodriguez says:

    Que se puede hacer en un trabajo donde trabajo 12 horas o mas diarias y tengo que trabajar fines de semana y dias festivos sin pago. Porque soy empleado de confianza. Ademas la persona que es mi jefe grita, bocifera y amenza con correnos si los resultados que el quiere no se dan. Esto genera mucho estres laboral.

  9. Maria Mondragón says:

    El año pasado recibí ostigamiento laboral por parte de mi jefa inmediata lo reporte a recursos humanos y no me dieron solución por el cual me vi en la necesidad de renunciar porque no sentía que fuera justo que me tratarán con despotismo y abuso de autoridad por parte de ella hace un mes solicite regresar a pesar del trato y me dijeron que no podían contratarme nuevamente y no me dieron un motivo hubo varios factores por los que yo estaba pasando mismos de los que ellos estaban enterados y me estaban causando daño psicólogico y aún así siento que se me trató con poco respeto

  10. x says:

    Que aplica, en el caso de que a una persona le caes muy mal y por mas luchas que has hecho, nomás es indiferente contigo y te hace caras, ya que se sienten muy protegidos por personas de gobierno.

  11. chivis says:

    Que aplica, en el caso de que a una persona le caes muy mal y por mas luchas que has hecho, nomás es indiferente contigo y te hace caras, ya que se sienten muy protegidos por personas de gobierno.

  12. silvia guadalupe garcia says:

    En la Secretaria del Trabajo de Puebla, recibíamos amenazas (de la jefa del departamento) y gritos (de la directora del departamento) aparte de que el área era oficina y almacén era insoportable el olor de cloro, detergente, limpiadores. Nos obligaban a trabajar 12 horas o más. Y nos amenazaban que si no terminábamos las tareas de otra compañera, no firmaríamos contratos nuevamente. Y asi fue. Quienes no estábamos dispuestos, terminó el contrato y nos dijeron que eran ordenes del Sr Secretario
    Ojalá y en verdad selecciones bien a los jefes y directores ya que solo llegan con ganas de robar, como todas las administraciones pasadas.
    Es más de lo mismo.

  13. willy ucan says:

    donde puedo bajar los formatos que se deben utilizar en la norma 035

  14. Juan José Joya says:

    Hola buenas tardes, soy estudiante de la carrera de contabilidad, estoy haciendo mi tesis sobre la Nom-035, debido a que no incluye a los trabajadores de Estado en esta norma, en la parte de arriba de hablaron de centros de trabajo en manera general, esto indica que todos los centros de trabajo deberían de aplicar la norma, es cierto que la constitución los separa en el apartado A y apartado B, pero la pregunta que hago es porque para unos si aplica y otros no, en épocas de pandemia los trabajadores de sector salud son los más estresados, y no sólo en estos tiempos, siempre han batallado por las insuficiencias que hay, espero una opinión gracias.

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