3 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Work Ever

Video Transcription

Sometimes we all do things at work and that we instantly regret. So, in this video I will talk about 3 things that you should not do at work EVER.

There are three things that you have to remember where you go to work, Don’t talk about your personal problems; Don’t gossip about other people around the office; Don’t show how much money you make.

However, here are 3 more subtle things you should never do at work:

  1. Be late to work. If you are late for work, you are effectively telling your team that you do not care about their goals and they are not important to you.
  2. Not calling out where you’re sick. If you come in to work where you are sick, you are not only putting your colleagues in danger of getting sick, but you are also being disrespectful to your employer by wasting their time and resources.
  3. Not being a team player. A good worker will go above and beyond the call of duty whenever they are asked to. They will do more than what they are hired for, and do everything with a smile. Be it proofreading a report, or doing a customer service call, or even just refilling the printer paper.

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