4 Reasons To Celebrate The Little Wins At Work

Video Transcription

Where you work it’s important to celebrate the little wins. The little wins are those little moments where everything comes together in a way that makes you feel proud. The thing with these little wins is that they don’t come around too often. That’s why we need to make the most out of them.
Everyone loves to celebrate the wins and the big goals but let’s face it, all organizations need to celebrate the little wins at work too. At my previous job we used to have a Fun Committee that got together once a month to come up with some kind of fun activity everyone could participate in.
Here are 4 ways employers can support their teams’ little wins.
  1. Take some time to celebrate together.
  2. Find unique ways to recognize and appreciate one another.
  3. Provide private and public recognition of achievements.
  4. Create a positive environment with plenty of encouragement.
Celebrate the big wins, but also make a point to celebrate the small victories where they happen.
If a project goal is met early, reward that person with a happy hour or a small bonus.
When a team member does something particularly outstanding, celebrate them with a lunch outing.
Throw an office party for reaching a milestone or hitting a goal.
If you would like to discuss how to find ways to make the workplace more fun and include tons of ways to celebrate the small wins,  please set up a live demo with our team by clicking on the “Live Demo” button.

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