5 Tips for Working Remotely

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Working remotely is becoming a normal thing in today’s world. The trend is that more and more people will be working remotely in the future.
I worked a full-time job for 17 years prior to the pandemic. I loved my job, but felt it was time for a change so I started working from home. At first this was hard since I wasn’t used to being in my house during the day; it took me more than six months before I finally got used to being here during the day by myself and not having colleagues pop by all the time or head down to the cafeteria with other co-workers to grab lunch in between meetings.

Working remotely is just like working in an office, but requires just a bit more discipline. Here are some tips to help you stay focused while working remotely:

  1. Keep distractions away. Do not bring your phone and unplug the television at home. If you are working from home, set times for yourself where you are actually working.
  2. Put on headphones or listen to music while working. You will be able to focus more and drown out distractions.
  3. Try to work from a public place. This might look a little peculiar, but it will help keep your focus on work and not on the all the other people around you.
  4. Check your email or social media less often during the day. If you trust the people you work with, then they will understand the importance of leaving you alone if you are away from the office.
  5. Turn off all notifications. If you are on your computer, turn off all notifications on your mobile phone.
If you would like to discuss how to find ways to keep employees motivated and engaged even where working remotely, please set up a live demo with our team by clicking on the “Live Demo” button.

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