5 Tips to Creating a More Collaborative Workplace

Video Transcription

Working from home is all the rage, but the world is still moving forward – at some point most people will return to an office environment. As a result, it’s important for everyone to learn better ways to collaborate together.

Here are five tips to creating a more collaborative workplace.

  1. Use a whiteboard for real-time collaboration. A whiteboard allows discussion and collaboration, and because it’s available to everyone in the office, it promotes a sense of unity and shared focus.

  2. Encourage open communication. If you want a more collaborative workplace, you can’t keep your employees from talking to each other.

  3. Create a space for casual conversation. The best way to encourage collaboration is to create a place where people can talk — in a casual setting.

  4. Make a phone call a two-way conversation. There’s a fine line between a real-time conversation and a monologue. For a collaborative workplace, it’s important to have a conversation between two people where ideas can be exchanged.

  5. Use a two-way conversation in a meeting. This is similar to having a real-time conversation in a casual setting. You can start a meeting in a serious tone, but then you have to keep the conversation going between two people.
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