5 Tips to Manage a More Productive Meeting

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Meetings are not everyone’s cup of tea. There are people who like them and there are people who Don’t. However, there is a very thin line between a good meeting and a bad one. A bad meeting is the one where the participants Don’t understand what it’s all about, are not able to contribute or start drifting away.
The worst meeting I’ve ever had was at a marketing firm here in San Diego. Before every meeting, the employees had to fill out a form that detailed what they expected to accomplish during that day’s meeting. The employees went around the room and reported on their expectations, and then the meeting ended. It was so pointless. I’d always do my report last, and it was always “Nothing to report!”
  1. Keep it Short – Of course, the meeting should be as short as possible, but Don’t be afraid to go longer. If you have very important things to discuss and discuss them, end the meeting afterwards. If you’re having a really important or urgent meeting, be sure that everything is finished before the end of the meeting.

  2. Be Clear – The beginning of the meeting should be very clear about what the team needs to know by the end of the meeting. You must be clear about what you want to achieve with this meeting. The team must be able to understand what they should do after the end of the meeting.

  3. Be Flexible – A meeting is not a military exercise, so be flexible. There will be a lot of interruptions, there will be a lot of discussions, there will be a lot to talk about even after the meeting is over. You may also need to reschedule the meeting’s time.

  4. Make Action Points – If you want your meeting to be productive, you should create action points. You need to know exactly what the team needs to do and what they should get from the meeting.

  5. Don’t Forget to Follow-up – It’s important to keep meeting minutes. You should send the minutes of the meeting to all members of the team.
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