5 Ways You Can Show Your Employees You Care

Video Transcription

With the changing world, the shifting economy and the evolving nature of business, people are looking for companies that care more about their employees than just profits. The current climate of uncertainty means that employees are looking for job security. Caring for employees isn’t just a nice to do, it’s a must do. This video will look at some of the ways we can show our employees we care and what we should do to make sure we get the most from them.
I once worked at a company where the management had been praised for being an outstanding ‘best place to work’. Yet from the very first time I entered the office, I could tell that this was a false statement. There wasn’t a single poster or even a piece of furniture in sight that indicated how valuable employees were to the company. Changes often made it difficult to find any stability and talk about recognition could never be heard while I was there!

So, how to make sure your employees know you care for them?
  1. Make sure they feel acknowledged and recognized.
  2. Let your employees develop and grow.
  3. Make work-life balance a priority.
  4. Interview for skills but hire for culture fit.
  5. Empower your employees with the right tools and training.
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