8 Employee Satisfaction Survey Tips

Video Transcription

You want to survey your employees but don’t know where to begin.
A client of ours, who was extremely nervous about getting started, now kicks himself every day for not surveying his team on a regular basis. Here are 8 tips that helped him get started on the right foot.
  1. Keep it simple. Make sure your employee satisfaction surveys are frequent, short and easy to take.
  2. Ask the right questions. Know what you want to get out of your survey before you begin writing questions.
  3. Make it interactive. Make sure there are open-ended questions and the response options vary.
  4. Share the results to the whole team and tell them what you’re planning on doing with them.
  5. Practice what you preach. If you’re unhappy with the survey, make a change.
  6. Use it to improve. Don’t just use your survey once and forget about it. Use the data to improve your company over time.
  7. Use a professional survey tool. Don’t do the survey yourself. Use a survey tool to track responses and make reporting easier.
  8. Show your appreciation and offer incentives. Create an incentive for employees to take the survey.
If you would like to discuss how to conduct highly effective and powerful employee surveys, please set up a live demo with our team by clicking on the “Live Demo” button.

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