A Guide to Surviving Your First Workplace Survey

Video Transcription

One of the most important things a manager can do is to understand the people that work for them. The way to do that is to conduct a workplace survey. It’s not a simple job and you need to be prepared for a lot of work. This short video is going to help you to survive your first workplace survey.
When thinking about your first survey you need to ask yourself these questions:
Who should answer the surveys? What should be asked? How long should the survey be? How often should we conduct surveys? Based on our experience and backed by the latest trends in Employee Engagement, here are some clear cut answers:
  • Who should answer the survey?
    : Everyone in your organization. Asking only a small sample will only give you a partial image of the state of your workplace. This also creates resentment from the employees who were not given the chance to make their voices heard.

  • What should be asked?
    : You should definitely ask questions about the following topics: Camaraderie, Identity, Fairness, Credibility, Performance, Culture, Respect, Work-life balance, Collaboration, Innovation, Quality, Learning and development and Recognition.

  • How long should the surveys be?
    : No longer than 10 questions. Long annual surveys with over 60 questions tend to create survey fatigue and respondents don’t answer them properly.

  • How often should you conduct surveys?
    :Short weekly micro surveys are far more effective and useful than annual or even quarterly ones as they provide an ever-changing picture of the climate as the different dynamics of daily life affect it.
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