Evaluating Performance Surveys

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A favorable work environment is an essential factor for the proper functioning and the productivity of the company. Work environment and productivity are closely related. Employees who feel that their jobs don't give them any personal satisfaction, do not receive a fair wage, are overwhelmed with responsibilities or must endure a bad boss, become frustrated and unmotivated, and therefore their effectiveness decreases.

For a company to increase its profitability it requires happy, productive and motivated employees. Although as managers of the company, when we make an assessment in the workplace, we may think that the business prospers, the customers are satisfied and staff turnover is not significant. However the reality may be quite different: workers may not enjoy their work, conditions could be upgraded, there could be the possibility of increased productivity through a supportive work environment, motivation and drive...

What are the three factors that make employees love their jobs?

  • An interesting work.
  • Professional development and personal fulfillment.
  • Working in decent and professional conditions, and in a friendly and favorable work environment.

In order to take the pulse of a company and get to know thoroughly its workplace climate, it is extremely useful to implement regular performance reviews. Thanks to them, you can have a comprehensive and realistic perspective on the actual situation of the company's most valuable asset: its employees.

Employee surveys, conducted by HR departments allow managers to obtain vital data about the business so that management and employees can establish a constructive dialogue on their respective professional targets, the future development of the company and how to increase productivity.

Using the surveys to review the performance


The information collected will be very useful to review the performance, to shape the training programs for management, to develop the skills of workers and to guide the professional career of each individual.

Self Assessment

Each worker must grade their level of job satisfaction and performance. Also, they must assess whether the objectives stipulated at the beginning of the year were achieved and whether these objectives were realistic and achievable.

Skill Assessment of the teams and workers

The surveys collect performance management insights and skills of both individual workers and teams.They reveal the differences between self-assessment questionnaires of the workers and of the management. Using this data, we can identify the shortcomings or needs in order to come up with a plan to reach our objectives.

Efficiency of the managers

The feedback from employees on their bosses is extremely valuable to unify objectives and improve efficiency.

Requirements of an Effective Performance Review Survey

360º Comments

(Evaluation of multiple sources). To get a comprehensive perspective, the survey must report on the performance of a worker from the perspective of colleagues, peers, subordinates, etc, and not just the manager.

Performance of the managers

The feedback from employees about their managers will assess the corporate team and get insights on the business, its public relations and its job performance.

Employee satisfaction survey

The staff's happiness translates into satisfied customers. Any company can test the level of satisfaction of its employees, including retail and online businesses.

3 useful tips for workers to complete the survey without problems

  1. Preserve anonymity
  2. Provide options to express opinion through open questions and unstructured responses.
  3. Be informal - relaxed, conversational tone works better than corporate or technical language

Real-time employee survey software

If you want to learn more about how to conduct real-time employee surveys without going crazy in the process learn more about Clarity Wave.

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