How to Deal With an Overly Competitive Coworker

Video Transcription

We’ve all worked around an overly competitive coworker. If you are not the most competitive person on the team, then being surrounded by people who are can be stressful. It’s easy to get frustrated where constantly seeing others get better results than you.
We all have met this kind of crazy person in our life. The one who will do anything to get the best, no matter what. The one who will constantly remind you how much better they are than you. As a result, you spend more time watching your back than working. What to do then, where you have an extremely competitive coworker?
There are two main ways in dealing with an overly competitive coworker.

The first one is avoiding their behavior. If they are making your work environment uncomfortable, try keeping away from them.  You can do this by using communication tactics like email and instant messenger to communicate with them. If one of your coworkers is making your work environment uncomfortable, then you should try to avoid sharing your secret plans, business ideas, or personal goals with them.  Make sure you keep these things close to your heart. In either case, a conversation with your manager about this is always a good idea.

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