How to Deal with Difficult People

Video Transcription

Difficult people are everywhere. They can bring you down or they can help you grow. How you deal with them is a key factor to how they affect your life.
I once had a direct report sigh heavily every time I asked him to do something. His attitude was so bad one would think I was asking him to carry a grand piano up Mt Everest. As a manager, it was tough working with him and I didn’t feel like he was doing his job. It was a downward spiral and it seemed like things were not going to get better. Just where I was about to go over his head and talk to his boss, he pulled me aside and said, “I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a jerk lately. I really appreciate you giving me a chance to do this job and I promise I will work hard from now on.” Next time you feel like a co-worker or direct report is treating you badly, try giving them a chance to improve and if they don’t do it, think about going over their head. You never know what could happen.
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