How to Improve Communication at Work

Video Transcription

Poor communication leads to poor productivity. If you’re not getting your point across there is a greater chance of making mistakes. An employee who does not communicate well will have less influence, will be seen as less credible, and may even be invisible to co-workers.
For most people, communicating at work is a large part of their day. Various studies have found that around 30% of the average employee’s time is spent communicating with others at work. While more of the focus is on emails, more of us are turning to instant messengers to communicate with each other. But, communicating over instant messenger at work is more of a challenge. Not only are you limited on how you can communicate, but you are also limited by the medium you are using. For example, there are no facial expressions or tone of voice cues to help you understand how your coworker is feeling. Instead of focusing on the medium, it’s important to focus more on the message.
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