How to Keep Your Team Motivated

Video Transcription

Motivating others is not an exact science. There are many factors that affect individual motivation. Sometimes you need to take stock of your team, look at their strengths and their weaknesses, look at your business objectives and at the market in general. Sometimes it is hard to motivate others no matter how good you are. Perhaps you are not reaching your objectives because the market is not what you thought it would be. However, there are some useful guidelines that can help you keep your team motivated.
  1. Believe in your Team. Believe in the people you are leading, Don’t rain on their parade, but also Don’t be afraid to give honest feedback.
  2. Set Clear Objectives. Set your team objectives high, but not so high that they are unlikely to be met.
  3. Make it Fun. Make it enjoyable for your team members, have fun yourself, celebrate their successes, but also Don’t let the fun get in the way of work.
  4. Make sure they are happy with their jobs. If you make sure that they are happy, then they will work harder for you than if they weren’t.
  5. Appreciate your team’s efforts. Your team will only be truly motivated where they feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work. While working in a group is a great way to accomplish a great deal, it can easily result in chaos and inefficiency.
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