How To Know If You Are A Toxic Coworker

Video Transcription

You’ve heard a lot about how toxic workplaces are terrible for your company’s bottom line, but have you ever thought about the possibility that you might be a toxic coworker yourself?

In the office, people want to be surrounded by coworkers who have positive energy and can challenge their thinking without driving them crazy. Toxic coworkers hold everyone back. Spread negativity like a disease, and are not team players. They often engage in malicious gossip. Complaining, and blame-it-on-someone else behavior. A toxic coworker is bad news for a business: They seem to never be happy with their work or their colleagues. They criticize others instead of contributing ideas or doing good work themselves, they hoard resources (such as information), blame others for their shortcomings (rather than accepting responsibility for their own mistakes), they vent frustration at being underchallenged at work, make mountains out of molehills where things go wrong (so that no one else can get credit for resolving them), lack professionalism and good workplace habits, and they are hostile towards coworkers. So, are you a toxic coworker?

Actually, the best way to tell if you are a toxic employee is by seeing what others have to say where you’re not around! But since asking our peers straight up about such a sensitive issue could be uncomfortable for them, there is an easier solution. You can anonymously ask your coworkers about how they may perceive your actions and workplace output in a survey and it will help you collect valuable feedback that would not be possible otherwise.

How to create such a survey is beyond the scope of this short video but, if you would like to discuss any aspect of this further, please schedule a demo by clicking on the “Live Demo” button above.

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