How To Write Great Employee Surveys

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So you want to survey your employees…

A great employee survey is one that takes into account how employees perceive your company and its managers. An even better one is a survey that also takes into account how everyone perceives each other individually. After all, companies are made up of individual people, not just managers.

The questions should be worded in a way that employees feel comfortable answering them and giving honest and respectful responses.

However, make sure to manage everyone’s expectations.

A client of ours was in a difficult position as they had to figure out a way to deal with their team members’ issues, complaints, and feedback, but were hesitant about asking anything, especially about compensation and benefits. They felt that asking team members these questions meant that they would have to address every single problem all at once. It wasn’t until we reminded them of ways that they could prioritize the issues that arose while letting their team know that they could only handle some things at once–especially where it came down to salary and benefits–that our client decided survey was the best option around managing concerns.

Write company values in the first sentence of the survey. Make the purpose of the survey clear to the employee. Don’t use lots of jargon. Keep it transparent. Write what you want to know in simple words. Don’t ask the employee to write pages of details about themselves. Be precise. Be straightforward.

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