Making The Right Impression: A Video On What The First Day At Work Should Be Like.

Video Transcription 

The first day of a new employee is obviously unlike any other day. It’s the most important day for the manager as well as the new employees. Thus, both should do their best to make this day a memorable one.

Making the first impression is very important for your new employee. Most of the people come to new jobs with the excitement of getting a new job opportunity and a desire to make a difference. Such people tend to bring an air of energy and positivity to their new workplace. These people tend to be hard-working, dedicated, and enthusiastic. However, some other new people to the workplace can make their first impression through their inappropriate dress code, untidy appearance, or inappropriate attitude.

If you want to make a positive impression on your employees, then your best bet is to treat them as human beings, not as numbers and machines. This is not just a rule for first day. This is the golden rule of relationship with employees. It is important to understand that employees are not there to serve your company. They are there for themselves and your company is there to serve them.

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