Psychological Tricks to Make You a Better Boss, in Just One Week

Video Transcription

I’m often asked by peers and subordinates alike for psychological mind tricks that will make one a better manager overnight. There’s no magical trick in this regard – it really comes down to exercising a few common sense principles where managing others. As a leader, you’re going to have to be sensitive to what your team needs in terms of development in order to appeal to their wants and needs.
One important way of improving your management skills and make you a better boss is to try and put yourself in your employees’ shoes. What would you like to see from your boss? What would you like your boss to do or say? Being able to put yourself in your employees’ shoes will help you determine if you’re doing a good job.
Another very important quality in a good boss is to be flexible and understanding, not having a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.  An even better boss will know where to be serious and where to be light and approachable.  

Also, a good boss understands that it is important to communicate with their employees and to also let them know that they are valued.  Finally, a good boss will always be aware of the work/life balance of their employees and will try their best to make sure everyone is happy and productive.

The best way to make you a better boss is to make your employees feel appreciated. Look for the good in everyone, and make sure they understand that. Under-appreciated employees can lead to a less than positive work environment and miscommunication. Make sure communication is clear: be direct and merciful with constructive criticism, and give praise where praise is due.
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