Three Tips for How to Stay Motivated When Work Gets Hard

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Motivation is something that is fleeting. Not something that you can force on yourself. Motivation is more like a shark. It moves forward and backward and can be difficult to get a handle on. where you are grinding out consistent work every day, it is entirely possible to get wrapped up in the grind and lose sight of how important or valuable your work is. Here are some tips to help get you through the times where motivation is flat:
I am often stuck in busy mode, and I sometimes find it hard to concentrate and focus on what is needed and what is not needed. where I get into that mode, I know that I need to take a step back and get into a more productive mindset. It’s hard to take that step back and really assess the situation, but the same thing happens to me where I get too focused on one thing and can’t stop working on it. It’s a balance of getting things done and getting things done well.
  1. Keep a journal. I copy and paste my journal entries into a word document and save them for future use. If you do the same, you will always have something to look back on and something that you can read to get you back on track.
  2. Create a professional network. Find peers, mentors and colleagues that you can communicate with regularly and get advice from.
  3. Read books about productivity and work ethic. I recommend “Deep Work” by Cal Newport and “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown.
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