What Kills Employee Motivation?

What are the main factors that discourage employees?

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According to the eminent businessman and writer Dale Carnegie, employees do not resign from the company but from the people with whom they don't want to work. This maxim is completely true in 100% of the cases. However, when an employee decides to quit his or her job, everyone loses. And almost always, the company is the most harmed.

We must bear in mind that it usually takes several months for the average worker to start to become profitable for the company. Each new addition to the company involves considerable expense until the worker begins to be efficient and productive. If after months of preparation, the employee decides to leave, for whatever reason, the company must re-invest time, money and resources on another worker, multiplying the expense and subtracting the benefits. In other words, dissatisfied workers decrease the productivity of the company.

The great challenge: How to motivate your staff?

Therefore one of the major saving measures for companies will be to retain the loyalty of their employees. Not an easy task at a time when mobility is on the agenda. To achieve employee loyalty and improve productivity, the creation a good working environment is a priority.

Generally, workers migrate to companies that offer better wages and economic incentives. However, contrary to popular belief, the economic factor is not the main reason for dissatisfaction among employees. We will have to dig deeper in order to find out and know the real reasons why they feel unmotivated and seek to achieve their goals in other companies.

If the economic factor is not decisive, what are the real reasons for dissatisfaction?

  • Feeling ignored during a promotion. For a worker, there is nothing more frustrating than to realize that no one considers their worth, expertise and that others less capable or less experienced are promoted before them.
  • To discover that they earn less than other employees performing similar work .
  • They receive very low salary increases or even none.
  • There are no clear guidelines as to how to perform the work nor a good internal communication. This causes the worker to feel confused, disoriented and frustrated.
  • Loss of empathy and confidence in the leaders and superiors.
  • Within the company, there are no opportunities for promotion or advancement.
  • The worker feels his or her effort and value are not adequately recognized by the company.
  • When the work requires a considerable effort, too much stress, anxiety and fatigue or a sacrifice of personal and family life.

According to a recent study by Forbes magazine, the reasons for dissatisfaction among employees are very significant and should be taken into account:

  • More than a third of workers see themselves working in a different company in the next 12 months.
  • Almost half of the employees do not identify themselves with their bosses.
  • The career goals of more than 60% of employees do not agree with their superiors' plans for them.
  • Only about 25% of workers believe that their work is recognized by employers.

The search on how to get your employees' best performance, productivity and satisfaction is our goal and guarantee of your success.

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