Why Intel is One of the 100 Best Companies to Work For

The success of this company is based on a good organizational climate, the creation of strategies for implementing business' solutions that support production and good working environment. The company has strengthened its leadership thanks to the dissemination of the best practices of TI in the sector.

intel corporate hqIntel is a reference company in the area of work environment.

Intel is continually developing initiatives in all sectors of the business, that have allowed it a 65% reduction in manufacturing times, reduce product development time and creating online sales centers. The development of these initiatives can optimize TI investments and simplify operations.

Another of the main objectives for the management of the company is to strengthen agreements with business groups and financial and operational managers, setting a good atmosphere and working environment, therefore benefiting production.

The secret of success of Intel, the world leader chip-maker, is the optimal performance of its factories and a favorable work environment. These in turn depend on TI so that the TI organization at Intel will increase its investment in production, innovation and implementation of the best practices in the industry so as to optimize results.

For years important contributions have been carried out in all sectors, so that initiatives can become reality: design, manufacturing, the supply chain and sales. As a result, a reduction of the manufacturing time of up to 65% is achieved,resulting in a streamlining of marketing and cost reduction.

Since 2010, the company began to take responsibility for the factory automation, in order to get a better integration of IT and thus increase system reliability, reduce costs and promote the implementation of new functions.

Strategic planning has enabled Intel to have long-term goals, undertaking new challenges and new trends in technology. This is achieved by following good planning and management:

  • High-level meetings with the different business' groups.
  • Group meetings to discuss new technological trends.
  • Interviews at all levels to improve labor productivity
  • Evaluation polls of performance.
  • Getting a suitable climate that fosters productivity through labor well-being

The company developed interviews and questionnaires to assess and evaluate staff performance and identify areas for improvement. This enabled globally to know in which sectors IT services had to invest in order to increase the level of satisfaction and create a better working environment so as to enhance workers' productivity.

To increase the business' value, the persons of IT responsible for the area, together with specialists, share their knowledge on the best practices for different sectors:

  • Data-center
  • Productivity
  • Working atmosphere
  • Business solutions, etc.

All this through meetings and seminars supported by all types of hardware, such as graphic documents, blogs and videos, with a common goal: improving the work environment, having happy employees and increasing the employees and the company's productivity.

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