Why American Express Is One of the 100 Best Companies to Work For

In 2014 the main mission of the company last year was to try that its nearly 4,000 workers in Mexico didn't lose hope in their future against the uncertainty of the economic situation of the country and the rest of world. Labor happiness and to know how to motivate employees in an enterprise, is vital for its productivity.

signage board american expressThe goal of the company was fulfilled thanks to informing the employees on both the external and internal situation of the company and the creation of a favorable working environment. In order to achieve this, they summoned several types of general meetings: annual with senior officials, monthly with vice-presidents and weekly with leaders and work teams.

Thanks to this strategy of creating a good work environment, the company has been placed as the number 1 in the ranking of "Top Companies 2014 (in the category of companies with more than 3000 employees)", awarded every year by Expansion magazine.

According to this publication, American Express is one of those companies in which everyone wants to work for its excellent conditions to achieving professional success: excellent human resources policies, and excellent working environment in the different groups.

Reality cannot be changed, but to know what happens and to keep abreast of events helps to focus and define objectives. Once those objectives are defined, they're able to create hope.

American Express is going through good times and despite this, the Human Resources team works to maintain the organization's work environment high, by taking on three vital actions:

  • Flexibility in decision-making
  • Online training
  • Support networks programs

Although the atmosphere of economic uncertainty in the country, with some economic reforms approved and others on their way, is not the most suitable at present, this has not been an obstacle to proceed with the planned programs or investments to better train the employees.

More than half of the 2014 Super Transnational Companies have maintained their budgets for HR, but only 3 in 10 of them have increased them over last year. American Express is one of them.

In AmEx, investment for the training of employees has not been cut down for the short term.

Digital age

The company has changed its traditional training strategies for digital support. The aim is to increase the number of employees having this type of training in order to  measure results in a better way.

In Mexico, the company's employees have access to the digital library that has many curricula, which they can use from their computers. At present, all employees must cover 40 hours of training annually.

The main advantages of this are  accessibility and savings.

AmEx has also unified training

Currently leadership programs for the sectors of Travel Sales and Corporate Sales  are the same, as it is considered that the essence and purpose of background were similar.

Happy workers

The company maintains its health programs so that employees will know periodically their cholesterol, triglycerides, muscle mass, or sugar levels. Guidelines are given for maintaining ideal weight or reduce stress levels with medical and nutrition consultations.

They have also strengthened support for the gay community, single parents and minorities.

Finally, annual seminars are organized with the attendance of employees to discuss issues of interest to the group, or breakfast and meetings in which the CEO is present.

DIY Workplace climate similar to AMEX

If you want to have a workplace climate similar to American Express' you need to be able to measure it and find out what areas need work.

Clarity Wave allows you to see, in real time, how your team members perceive your company and their co-workers.

If you want to learn more about how to conduct real-time employee surveys without going crazy in the process schedule a demo to see how Clarity Wave can help you have more engaged employees and improve your company's culture.

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