Why is Hyatt One of the 100 Best Companies to Work For

Hyatt is one of the best companies in the world, thanks, among other factors, that it promotes the productivity of its employees.

One of the major factors of success of this company has been the fact that it has been able to adapt in each of its branches a mixture of art and decoration typical of each enclave thereby achieving unique places that perfectly reflect their lifestyle, the idiosyncrasies of the surroundings and the respect of its heritage. Along with all these factors, it emphasizes excellence through a high-quality service that can only be achieved with happy employees and an excellent working environment.

hyatt buildingEach Hyatt establishment is unique and is specifically designed for the environment in which it is built. Every place in the world has its own peculiarities and therefore the Hyatt hotels adapt to them. The working environment in a company - especially when it comes to offering exclusive services - must be pleasant and relaxing, away from tension and conflict.

The future of the company appears extremely encouraging, with the ongoing construction of new hotels in different countries. The keys to success are:

  • Eagerness to providing a personalized service.
  • Continuous and permanent updating of its technology.
  • Innovative and unique design in its establishments.
  • Creating a pleasant working environment to ensure quality in customer service.

Strategies for giving quality service

hyatt reception deskThe in-house personnel interacts with the guests through the service it provides. At Hyatt excellence is pursued, so in order to give a high-quality service, the first step must be to keep the employees happy and motivated. The employee satisfaction results in a service of the highest quality and an optimal relationship with the guests.

The company offers the concept of "total quality" in service to their guests and customers through internal staff (receptionists, bellboys, maids, etc). The contact between staff and customers is daily and constant. The management of the company is well aware that its employees are the image of the company and therefore spares no resources to maintain or improve the working environment of the company. The training is as important as the happy employees in providing the best service.

Achieving excellence is done through a good program to improve the working environment:

Each employee receives a job description with the rules and regulations of the company. Each hotel has its own job description, although everyone responds to a series of standards that correspond to the philosophy of the company.

The ultimate goal is to achieve excellence through efficiency. To attain this, the staff has to work under the following conditions:

  • Pleasant working climate
  • Relaxed, comfortable and casual atmosphere
  • Good mood
  • Fair wages

happy hyatt teamAlthough a priori it may seem all too utopian, reality shows that creating strategies to improve organizational and work environment to work in a favorable atmosphere, leads to better results.

Workplace like Hyatt's

If you want to have a workplace climate similar to Hyatt's you need to be able to measure it and find out what areas need work.

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